2019 fireplace trends

2019 fireplace trends: bio ethanol burners & fireplaces, water vapor fireplaces: everything that’s new at AFIRE.
What are the new models and how to install a modern designer fireplace in all contemporary living spaces? How to create a fire place in urban areas that do not have a chimney? In 2019 fireplace trends are no longer identical to traditional fireplace and wood burning stove trends. But what are these novelties that are revolutionizing the world of fire? Can all homes and businesses be equipped with them?

2019 fireplace trends, the year of innovations in the world of bio ethanol fireplaces and burner inserts

It was of course about twenty years ago that the first ethanol fireplace appeared. But in 2019, bio ethanol fireplaces and hearths are equipped with new features and positive electronic safety. These modern fireplaces are reinvented with automatic and secure models. It must be said that the art of fire is back in fashion in all interior decorations. 2019 fireplace trends: ethanol fireplaces and hearths reform the personality of our living spaces.
In the world of interior design, personalization has become the key to a successful decoration. In this context, the ethanol burner is the perfect object to create a custom fire place. There are bio inserts of all sizes and shapes. Simply insert them in a niche on the wall, in a separation wall or in a piece of furniture. To create a delicate decoration that adapts to the personality of its occupants, the custom bio ethanol burner insert offers the greatest benefits: flexibility and safety.


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2019 fireplace trends, water vapor electric fireplaces and inserts will take the lion’s share

The reason for the recent increase in popularity of the water vapor fireplace is due to several reasons. The first and certainly the most important reason is the safety. In fact, a water vapor electric fireplace is 100% sure. It’s a hearth with cold flames, so no danger. The second reason is it is economical. It uses tap water as its fuel. Unlike all other fireplaces with real flames there is no cost of operation. Thirdly, the ecological side of the fireplace should be mentioned. The water vapor electric insert does not release any flue gas. Therefore, it is a totally clean fireplace.
To conclude, the water vapor fireplace will create a buzz in 2019 and in the years to come.

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