When installing a 3D ethanol burner insert, it is best to have all the help available. The 3D vision offered by Sktchfab allows you to better prepare your fireplace project installed with an AFIRE automatic bio ethanol burner. All of AFIRE’s models are hosted in 3 dimensions. You can not only see your ethanol burner in 3D, but also move it to see it from all angles. With the video, the technical data sheets and the installation drawings, AFIRE offers you real help in the conception of YOUR trendy ethanol fireplace.

3D Ethanol Burner Insert From All Angles

The Internet offering should make it possible to better grasp the purchase of an automatic bio ethanol burner. Being able to see the insert and move it on the www.a-fireplace.com website is a tremendous help. We can imagine a 3D ethanol burner insert to conceptualize a fireplace design. This is not only a great help for individuals, but also for architects, interior decorators, and all building or fireplace professionals. It makes it possible to more easily conceive of a fire space, with all of the elements necessary for its realization.

You will find all of AFIRE’s bio ethanol fireplace and burner insert models on Sktechfab. The design of your automatic and remote-controlled fireplace has never been so simple. With AFIRE, rethink decorative fire in all types of homes and shops!

AFIRE delivers anywhere in the world within 10 days with DHL