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The main advantages of ethanol burners with remote control are electronic security, design flexibility and daily ease of use. We are far from manual combustion blocks, which had their share of dangers when filling the tank, or when igniting or extinguishing the fire. We should also note that all ethanol inserts or fireplaces must absolutely be fixed to a frame or embedded. In this fire, AFIRE shows how the advantages of ethanol burners with remote control are not just a plus, but a must-have set of safety measures for the use of a smart domestic fireplace.

Advantages of ethanol burners with remote control

The advantages of ethanol burners with Active Safety Measures

We see an increasing number of discount websites selling dangerous products. A box filled with bioethanol and placed on a table is not a smart bioethanol burner; it is a dangerous box of flames that can be tipped over at any time.

In fact, there are four essential aspects to a safe use of such devices. In the first place, it is absolutely necessary to affix the device’s frame or embed it into a stable piece of furniture. Filling must be carried out in a separate tank from the combustion block to prevent any uncontrolled burning of the fuel. The ignition and extinguishing of the flames must be automatic and offset from the combustion block in order to avoid bringing hands close to the fire (matches or long lighters should be avoided). Ultimately, electronic sensors must be able to shut off the flames automatically in the event of abnormal operation. All of AFIRE’s devices meet these criteria..

Avantages ethanol insert

Why is an Automatic Ethanol Insert a Great Design Tool?

Here again, the advantages of ethanol burners with remote control compared to manual combustion blocks are decisive. Indeed, if you use a manual device, the tank and the burner are one. When the device is turned on, it becomes extremely hot. It must therefore be ventilated, and it is difficult to embed it. This is not the case with an AFIRE device. Since the combustion section is different from the tank, the device always remains cold. Because of this, it can be embedded into any type of material (wood, plastic, stone, marble, etc.).

Of course, all of the parts above the fireplace that are likely to come into contact with the flames should be protected (with non-combustible materials). To conclude, the advantages of ethanol burners with remote control are indisputable when it comes to design. The devices are cold and do not warp. They can be embedded into all types of materials.


Ethanol Burners with Active Safety Measures


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Why is there no Smell with an Electronic Ethanol Fireplace?

Actually, it’s very simple. In a manual insert, it is all of the bioethanol that heats and burns at the same time. In fact, aromatic compounds are present in all alcohols. The advantage of an electronic bio ethanol burner is that only a few centiliters of alcohol are injected and burned in the combustion block. There is no smell. The tank containing the fuel is cold (no aromatic release) and closed by a plug and an access hatch (locked automatically when the device is in operation).

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