The future of fireplaces: why not us ?

In the past, everybody could enjoy the pleasures of fire. The fireplace was the center of the house. It symbolized the center of the home (the hearth). Fire allowed people to cook, to heat themselves, to light their surroundings. Enveloped by the soft warmth of the flames, man could relax, imagine his future, turn back towards his past. AFIRE the future of fireplaces in modern living areas.

Modern life, with its stream of constraints, has made the use of domestic fire so difficult that fireplaces have more or less disappeared from our day-to-day experience. However, the enjoyment of fire, its symbolism, as well as its social role, all continue to have great appeal. Man dreams of fire… “The conquest of the superfluous gives greater spiritual excitement than the conquest of the necessary.” Gaston Bachelard


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All Knowledge is an Answer to a Question

Why, despite our desire for flames, has the enjoyment of fire disappeared from our universe? The answer is simple: the constraints on its use are much too numerous in our present lives. Fireplaces have not adapted to the present day. AFIRE dusts off the world of fire with its new models of bio ethanol fireplaces and inserts.

No Installation

No more long installations: AFIRE bioethanol fireplaces are vent free. All of the installation work’s inconvenience and costs are gone. You can either install a ready-to-use fireplace, of create your own personalized “fire space.” Don’t hesitate to contact building professionals, designers, architects, and interior designers that will assist you and do the decoration work.

No Use Constraints

The future of fireplaces requires no hassle with wood, no ignition problems. You just need to press on the remote control to enjoy the flames and create a warm atmosphere in your environment.

Modern Security

All AFIRE devices are equipped with sensors that stop the flames automatically in case a problem is detected: too much heat, overflow in the safety tank, no ignition, etc. Similarly, if the security conditions are not met when the device is started, it will not ignite and will inform you of the highlighted problem via its LCD screen: empty tank, open tank, air quality, overheated burner, etc.

No Maintenance

Remote controlled AFIRE electronic ethanol burners do not require any maintenance. No sweeping, no large-scale cleaning of dust, bioethanol does not create any smoke while burning, it is a clean fuel that is one of the renewable energies.

Wood fire can be fun to light, however, if you want to use your fireplace every day, it quickly becomes a time consuming chore. AFIRE has equipped its machines with all the possibilities of modern controls: an on/off button on the top plate (with the possibility of moving a control button via a dry contact serial), remote control, and even the possibility of controlling your bio fireplace with any home automation system on the market.


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A Modern Alternative for Designers: the Remote Controlled Bio Fireplace

The electronic bioethanol insert is an opportunity for architecture and decoration professionals. It allows for new lively modular designs to create warm atmospheres. Very simple to install (just put it in a setting and connect it to the sector), it contributes to a new type of interior decoration and gives a real advantage to designers who use it in their creations. Built-in fireplaces are an effective item in the new range of tools of professionals who want to differentiate themselves. Fire becomes modern, adapted to our way of life, and easy to use.



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