An AFIRE remote controlled automatic ethanol burner insert allows for a completely new conception of fire in the urban environment. An electronic insertable combustion block allows for the installation of a modern fireplace in all types of houses. Whether you own a loft in the suburbs, a penthouse, a downtown apartment or a house in a residential area, if your home does not have a smoke vent, you can’t install a fire space. AFIRE’s remote controlled automatic ethanol burner insert thus becomes the most attractive offer to create a trendy modern fireplace without heavy installation constraints. Fireplaces are back in town…

Automatic ethanol burner insert AFIRE
Automatic bio ethanol burner insert AFIRE

The fireplace is reinvented with remote controlled automatic ethanol burner insert

Have you ever dreamed of being able to install a fireplace in your living room without the constraints of a wood fire? Today, fire’s return to living spaces is organized around remote controlled automatic ethanol burner insert. They come in virtually all sizes and shapes in the AFIRE range.

Long or compact automatic ethanol burner inserts, round, square, or rectangular fireplace inserts… You will be able to choose the perfect hearth model for your home or commercial space. Fire has become eco-friendly with a high-tech, beautiful and functional ethanol fireplace insert.


Urban Fireplace


Eco-Friendly Fireplace


Secured Fireplace


Constraints !

How to install a ventless modern fireplace without constraints?

If you decide to install your fireplace hearth yourself, you simply need to draw your project, buy the materials you need for its implementation and create a setting that can house an automatic ethanol burner insert. In fact, the idea is to create a recess and to connect it to a supply of electricity. Then, all that remains is to insert the automatic combustion block.

But why not leave this to a professional decorator, a designer or an interior architect? These specialist men and women will be able to imagine and offer you a design project that will fit your style of home. They will then have your ventless modern fireplace installed by their teams. A simple solution that guarantees that the work will be carried out in accordance with the highest standards.

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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