At the Milan Fair, the AFIRE range of ethanol burners was showcased by leading Italian designers in the relaxation design shows and on the Domotech Project stand. A modern and secured fire that evolves in complete freedom.


Remote controlled bio ethanol burner at Milan Fair


A resolutely free and modern conception of fire with the AFIRE range of ethanol burners

The magic of fire has not finished surprising us. The crowd of designers, architects, decorators, and decoration professionals have discovered how to make a modern and design fire point with AFIRE remote controlled range of ethanol burners. Installed in lounges and relaxation areas as well as on Domotech’s Project Italy stand, AFIRE electronic inserts created a buzz among the crowd of professionals.

The idea of this event was to show to the world of decoration how to realize the installation of a modern ventless fireplace without constraints. The greatest Italian designers have been able to assimilate this new fire tool, and discover all of its features. Controlling an AFIRE modern electronic ethanol fireplace can be done through a whole series of parallel commands: a button on the device, but also a home automation system that allows the device to be turned on or off from a control panel, a cell phone, a tablet, a computer, or simply from a remote button.


Ethanol burner insert at the Design Milan Fair


A Design Fireplace: Prometheus’s Dream

Prometheu’s theft of fire is likened to the conquest of divine knowledge, but also to the desire of man to enjoy the “well-being” of the gods. Fire and design are particularly good together if the household chores linked to the use of flames and the immovable side of a traditional fireplace are removed. Free from these constraints, AFIRE range of ethanol burners. First, the freedom of the creator of the design fireplace, who no longer has to worry about the installation of a vent and large installation work, and second, the freedom of the user, who now only needs to press a button on the remote control to enjoy this “well-being” fire.

On the other hand, the modular aspects of the range of ethanol burners allow for the realization of all sorts of fireplaces. Indeed, interior designers and architects can adapt the fireplace insert to all their projects and to all interior styles. All that is needed is to insert an electronic bioethanol fireplace in its space and, within moments, the fire point is functional. This is a true revolution in the world of fire, which was particularly appreciated by the professionals at the Fiera de Milan. Flames are the living tool of design and designers. A simple and secure tool, easy to install and use. AFIRE light-up your dreams!


Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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