Interior architects, designers, and craftsmen now have an extraordinary fire tool which allows them to design all kinds of fireplaces with original designs: electronic and remote controlled AFIRE burners, inserts, and fire lines. Freed from the constraints of evacuation ducts, these modern hearths can be installed anywhere and are secured electronically. This is a new generation of domestic fireplaces which can be installed easily and perpetuate the magic of fire in contemporary homes. 


Bio ethanol burner insert for design living


As modular fire ribbons, remote controlled ethanol burners are now part of interior design

Modern vent free fireplaces are without constraints and attract an increasing number of people around the home. It can be adapted to all shapes and sizes. As a decoration idea for a modern living room, ethanol burners are integrated in all designs. Natural fire is under control, it is managed electronically, it is secure, and it is remote. Architects and interior designers have seized on them to add a lively and sensitive touch to their creations. It is true that their ease of installation and use facilitates their implementation. Most of all, it is the fact that building a duct is no longer necessary that appeals. These new ventless fireplaces are connected to our modern world and lifestyles. 


Remote controlled bio ethanol burner insert for architects and designers


Fire tool for interior architecture

Automatic inserts are a new fire tool and source of inspiration for designers. As a still unknown experience in urban homes just a few years ago, electronically secured bio ethanol fireplaces can now be installed in the heart of cities. The possibilities are endless for professionals wishing to put a flame in lounges or living rooms. The creation of fire spaces adds emotion and well-being to a living space, giving it new energy that frees the imagination. Bio ethanol fireplaces often have a lightweight design, nuanced shapes, and fire lines that fit into contemporary aesthetics.

Fire reinvents itself and is reborn from its ashes, even if the ashes themselves are no more….

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Remote controlled bio ethanol burner inserts and automated fire ribbons


Electronically secured remote controlled design fireplaces


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