AFIRE bio ethanol fireplace: customization, the word is out… Today, home fashion sets the trends, and everyone can contribute with their styles and choices with high-tech products adapted to everyone’s modern lives and tastes. Fireplaces are no exception, with electronic embeddable ethanol burner inserts which use bio-alcohol, a fully renewable energy source.


Bio ethanol fireplace with embeddable burner insert


AFIRE bio ethanol fireplace: personalizing your fire point

Why not hire a designer, a decorator, or an interior architect?

Hiring an interior designer has a number of benefits. Your project will come to life through the discussion. Architects take your preferences, your lifestyle, and your needs into account to imagine a fire-point which will “stick” to your personality, all while respecting the safety rules. In addition, an interior decorator will value your ideas by adding to them his or her personal touches. A “plus” which often makes the difference. Design, poetry, high tech and professionalism will be waiting for you…

Choosing materials to create a secure hearth

There are two levels in a bio ethanol fireplace. The ventless embeddable insert part and the part which is located on top with the flame.

With regards to the bio ethanol burner, no worries: it is cold even during operations, and it can thus be embedded in all types of materials: wood, metal, stones, marble, modern or precious materials…

For the part above the insert, non-flammable materials must be used. Indeed, these elements are likely to enter in contact with the flames. Some simple precautions must thus be taken. Upon request, AFIRE will provide you with a document containing the materials and minimum dimensions to be respected while installing your AFIRE bio ethanol fireplace.

Inserting your vent-free electronic bio ethanol burner

Once your “universe of fire” is completed, embedding the fireplace only takes a few minutes. You can visit our web page: how to intall your AFIRE fireplace insert for more details..



Choosing the fireplace insert to install your design AFIRE bio ethanol fireplace


The BL “Premium” range

The models that make up the “Premium” range are compact (BL40), medium-large (BL66), and large (BL100) inserts. They represent AFIRE’s concentrated expertise. A range of electronic remote controlled safe ventless burners, ready to be embedded. Like all product lines, BL inserts are very simple and quick to install.

The extra-large ventless ethanol burners BX range

If you want to create a very large electronic ethanol fireplace the BX range is for you Lengths vary from 1,200 cm to 1,800 cm. The BX models are very “trendy” and ideal for large rooms in which you want to build a fireplace with a big hearth. BX inserts have a large tank that allows for 10 hours of burn without refueling.

The surprisingly shaped BC range

Circles, squares… the shapes of the BC range allow a wide range of different fireplaces to be imagines. Hearths are no longer simply envisaged through their width, but are now fully three dimensional. Undoubtedly the most interesting range to create stelae or round hearths.

And coming soon, the Modulo range: embeddable modules to create “extra-ordinary” designs

The Modulo range is only for very large dimensions. Modules are assembled to create exceptional lengths. With the corner element, any shape can be created: an “L” shape, a square, a “U”, etc. This range creates an exceptional puzzle fireplace with a “continuous” burn. All modules are connected to a master with a single USB connector. A tool of choice for designers…

It should be noted that there is also a ready-to-install AFIRE range of fireplaces : remote controlled AFIRE bio ethanol fireplace with automatic electronic ignition.

However, if you decide to build YOUR personalized fire point, the page remote controlled embeddable ventless ethanol burner inserts will guide you in choosing your insert.


Ventless bio ethanol fireplace insert AFIRE


Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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