How should a bio ethanol fireplace with embedded burner be installed? With its top of the line, secure and remote-controlled fireplaces and ethanol burners, AFIRE invites you to enter the world of luxury fireplaces. The world of design and home fashion has seized upon this new fire tool: the smart ethanol hearth. The field of traditional home fire is leaping into the modern world of automatic and remote-controlled bio ethanol fireplaces with embedded burners. Let yourself be seduced by the luxury of a living, high-tech and stylish decoration.

Bio ethanol fireplace with embedded burner insert

Bio Ethanol Fireplace with Embedded Burner, the New Tool for Luxury Decoration

Refinement is at hand with new concepts using fire objects conceived by designers. Since it is easy to install a bio ethanol fireplace with embedded burner in any style of decoration, indoor architects have seized upon the concept. Ethanol hearths are the driving force of this new charming decoration. Fire and flames become elements in a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere, making use of green technology in our modern habitat.

There are of course timeless objects such as the LOU ethanol table fireplace or the LOFT smart design bio fireplace. There are also the ARCH magic fire cubes or the SASA wall ethanol fireplace models with their minimalist design. However, there are also inserts to create personalized fire spaces. The bio ethanol fireplace with embedded burner is a new vision of the world of home fire. Each fireplace is unique!


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Why Does an Automatic Bio Ethanol Burner Insert Provide Endless Decoration Opportunities?

Ethanol fireplaces provide great opportunities in modern design. The best interior designers can enjoy without moderation the installation possibilities of a remote-controlled bio ethanol burner insert to create a custom fireplace. Not only is it possible to create a unique fireplace, it can also be inserted in any decoration style. Fire becomes functional, decorative and simple to use. The automatic bio ethanol burner insert makes the pleasure of fire both comfortable and safe.

Home fire is transformed to fit our modern lifestyle. AFIRE offers a full range of electronic, eco-responsible bio ethanol burner insert and fireplace designs to make your dreams come alive. Check AFIRE USA, UK, Canada, Australia in English on Direct Email: [email protected]

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