The BL100 electronic bio ethanol burner is a new experience of the fire. A vision of new hearths in architecture with modular design.

The maturity of the electronic ethanol burner

The BL100 electronic bio ethanol burner is the most versatile fireplace insert of our range. 100 cms 40 inches, of fire is a beautiful length to realize your  16/9 fireplace.  Ethanol hearths  made enormous technical progress  and are now able to meet the requirements of the world of the design fireplace.

Remote control, button on the top plate of the burner, security sensors, electronic ignition, etc. The equipments of this fireplace insert  to be embedded are the most successful.

Create your modular decoration

The imagination is in the power! Gone are the fireplaces which were all alike. It is you, who can conceive YOUR hearth, and invent the decoration that pleases you and suits your general arrangement. The BL100 allows you to create YOUR remote controlled vent free fireplace  according to your idea of the design.
The professionals, the creators are now able to appropriate this modern fire and to install it in their universe. The BL100 allows to discover the New World of the urban fire. The magnificent flames which have the enormous advantage to not require an exhaust duct and not to generate constraints for the user.

BL100 fireplace insert

The installation is made in a few minutes

The longest in the creation of a fireplace with an electronic bio ethanol burner BL100,  is the installation of the surrounding decoration. For BL100 you must plug it into a socket, slide it into the reservation that you planned, fill up the tank with some bioethanol and  press on the remote control…
AFIRE: tamed fire in the world of the design and the architecture.
AFIRE: tamed fire without constraints.

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

AFIRE delivers anywhere in the world within 10 days with DHL