Built-in ethanol burner from AFIRE, let yourself be surprised with a remote controlled bioethanol fireplace concept. For houses or apartments that do not have vent ducts, AFIRE has imagined a new fire-space design with remote controlled recessed ethanol burners. The built-in ethanol burner collection allows for the creation of a smart ventless design fireplace that can be used daily. For architects and interior designers, for individuals who want to equip their house of their apartment, for stores, businesses and living areas, AFIRE provides a fire deco option to revive the idea of fire in urban areas. The remote controlled bioethanol fireplace with smart design built-in ethanol burner revives the idea of fire and flames in interior decoration.

built-in ethanol burner

Built-in Ethanol Burner: the Modernity of a Recessed Urban Fire

How to give some “oomph” to our interior? There are infinite decoration ideas using built-in ethanol burners for remote controlled fireplaces. Round or square fireplaces, television coupling and bioethanol fireplaces, XL fireplace hearths, fireplace table with recessed ethanol burner, all designs are possible with these new smart fire-items.

Living space professionals now have at their disposal a modern tool to install decorative fireplaces in almost all indoor areas without having to install an exhaust duct. These AFIRE automatic electronic inserts allow interior designers and architects to create extraordinary fire-spaces in homes, apartments, businesses, hospitality venues, etc. With a built-in ethanol burner designers can express their creativity and imagination without constraint. 


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Remote Controlled Bioethanol Burner


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Remote Controlled Bioethanol Fireplace to Install a Convivial Decorative Fireplace

A remote controlled bioethanol fireplace gives fire-spaces an exceptional modernity. Fire and flames are essential elements of modern design. A modern hearth has a completely different purpose from a traditional fireplace. Heating is no longer the main purpose of a remote controlled bioethanol fireplace, it is now the conviviality of fire that is emphasized. What’s more, fire is no longer used simply during the heart of winter, but during all seasons, daily. The magic of the flames creates an atmosphere of well-being shared with friends and family.

Rethink fire!

Recessed ethanol burner

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