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Why should you buy a water vapor fireplace? Well, that’s because 3D electric fireplaces are the most suitable decorative fireplaces for our present-day homes and modern lifestyle! In fact, these are high-tech eco-friendly fireplaces with cold flames, which are 100% safe.
The world is changing, and new products are revolutionizing all sectors of consumption. Buying a water vapor fireplace is a game changer, it is a disruptive product with extraordinary qualities. You are no longer buying a polluting heating system but a decorative fireplace that is both environmentally friendly and safe for people.

Why should you buy a water vapor fireplace: all the advantages of AFIRE

Nowadays, when we buy a fireplace it is more for decoration than for heating. In fact, the real heaters are more efficient. However, the decorative fireplace has found its place in our living rooms and in commercial environments or HORECA. Here are the most important advantages of buying an electric water vapor fireplace.

Safety, an essential asset

It is important to note that an AFIRE water vapor insert is a cold flame fireplace. This really is a major advantage. First of all, for individuals who want to have a safe device for their children and their family. Then for the HORECA sector (the hospitality sector) and businesses that have a total safety obligation. The electric water vapor fireplace is by far the safest on the market.

An eco-friendly fireplace makes sense

Today, sustainable development is an essential part of our societies. AFIRE’s environmentally friendly water vapor fireplaces meet our current needs without compromising the environment. They simply run on water (no fossil fuels) and do not pollute the air in the room where they are installed.

High-tech beauty and modernity of colored flames

The modern water vapor fireplace is magical! The flames can be natural or endlessly colored. They are created from dry vapor and light. This technique allows to create a beautiful fire with perfectly real flames.
But the electric water vapor fireplace is also a contemporary high-tech fireplace. Commands, controls, flame management, speed and color, everything is done to make it easy for you to use. Our goal is to make the use of ” high-tech ” easy for you.


Environmentally friendly fireplace




Contemporary high-tech fireplace



Buy a water vapor fireplace insert to create a decorative fireplace

The key to high-end design is to be able to attract attention and keep the visitor’s eye captive. Fire is an extraordinary decorative element if it is well used and of course if it does not cause any danger. The AFIRE series has all these qualities. The water vapor fireplace adds a spectacular, lively and colorful touch to your decor. It allows designers, decorators and architects to create fabulous settings where fire is the highlight of your interior, your business or public places. Redesign the fire!
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