A new idea, simple to set up, install remote controlled vent-free ethanol burners to design your contemporary fireplace.


Ethanol burner BX180 AFIRESquare design burner AFIRE               BL40 Fireplace hearth AFIRE

Bio ethanol burners: long, compact, round, square, for all the decorations

The manufacturing of a fireplace is not any more a boring story with the installation of a chimney. It is now possible to build your vent free fireplace insert in a few minutes.

1. Conception of the fireplace

It is necessary to take at first the time to think. How am I going to design my hearth and with which decoration? Freestone, marble, steel paints, stainless steel, ceramic, wood etc., everything is allowed if you don’t use flammable materials over the ethanol burner insert. The flame is the real flame and you must respect the measures of caution with a real fire. The good solution consists in appealing to the professionals. The designers, the architects, the decorators will know how to shape your ideas and can make realize the works of installation if you wish.

2. Realization of the decoration

When you conceived your decoration it is necessary to realize it by leaving a reservation for the installation of the bioethanol insert. It is also necessary to plan the arrival of a power socket inside this niche. Once again if you do not feel the soul of a handyman, leave this task to a professional of the building.

AFIRE has three ranges of inserts

The BL ethanol burners range

The BX bioethanol inserts range (for the very large size hearths)

The BC design hearths range

Modulo Line: bio ethanol fire ribbon


3. Installation of ethanol burners

It is the easiest part. You connect the supplied 12V adapter on the power socket and to the burner. You put the insert in the prepared reservation, that’s it! You unlock the trapdoor of the tank, you fill it with  bioethanol 95-97°, you close it. Your bio ventless fireplace is ready to work. There is not more than to switch on the button of the device or on the remote control.


Install fireplace insert AFIRE


A design fireplace for the pleasure of the senses

The pleasure of the fire is an element of extraordinary comfort. We can take advantage of it all the time. A fire during a summer evening is appreciated as much as flames in the heart of winter. A design fireplace, this is now a contemporary hearth which can work as well in the countryside as in the city and which is not any more subjected to all the duties of a traditional wood fireplace. It is now possible to use it every day without constraints, simply by switching on the remote control since its best sofa!

Rethink the fire!  An urbanized Fire that you can use every day.


Design fireplace AFIRE


Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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