Remote ethanol burners are really a modern way to own a contemporary fire. It can be installed in all types of places and homes by building in a bio-ethanol fireplace, a new idea that will be used by designers to create living spaces in their creations.


Fire is a Different Way of Living Design

Experiencing fire is a pleasure that can be personalized. Putting remote ethanol burners in a creation is a new way to capture fire and recreate its universe. Architects, designers, decorators all operate in globalized worlds and can defend their ideas and the ways in which they approach fire. There are no more recipes, professionals are innovative and creative, they are faced with a blank page with each of their projects and can combine these inserts to their decoration needs to turn them into tailor-made “fire spaces” in whatever ways their imaginations fancy. Fire is rethought in all freedom and security

  BL66 ethanol hearth Ethanol insert AFIRE Remote controlled ethanol burner for Fireplace BL66

Remote ethanol burners: the technical innovations of vent free fireplaces


Omnipresence of Security Detectors and Accelerometers

Fire must be controlled, and this is why AFIRE built-in fireplaces are equipped with sensors that stop the flames in case of malfunction or anomaly detection. Tank gauges, sensors that detect when CO² and heat levels are exceeded, etc. Every effort is made to ensure that the AFIRE combustion blocks are secure. An accelerometer completes this arrangement that detects not only falls, but also seismic tremors.

Automatic Ignition via Remote Control, or via Home Automation

Start-up is smooth, without any flashes and, most of all, without getting near the fire. An automatic low-voltage electronic ignition lights the flames. A new comfort and security element that can be controlled by a button on the device, a “dry contact ” to be connected to a home automation system or a remote control. All of the methods of ignition can be used interchangeably ; the device can be turned on with a remote control and turned off with a mobile phone via an automation system, etc.


Remote control for ethanol burner AFIRE


The new AFIRE models : a range of remote ethanol burners inserts 

Range of AFIRE remote ethanol burners consists of several lines. The BL line, which is 40 to 100 cm long, (15 to 40 inches) The BX line, which is 100 to 180 cm long, (40 to 75 inches) The design line, with special shapes (round, square) And finally ethanol fireplaces that can be tailor made to be applied on very large or special areas To contact AFIRE: By Email: [email protected] And through our two websites: Fireplaces AFIRE  ou sur

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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