Bio Ethanol fireplace advice on automatic electronic safety, essential to the operations of a modern fireplace. Be careful! Fire remains fire and controlling it through automatic electronic safety devices is a must. Ethanol fireplaces offer many advantages for this. They allow for the installation of a fire space without the constraints of wood-burning fireplaces. Indeed, installing a gas exhaust vent is unnecessary (there is no gas exhaust), there is no maintenance or cleaning of ethanol burners, and getting wood delivered is no longer necessary. What’s more, turning the flames on and off is simple and quick. In its file: Bio Ethanol Fireplaces Advice on Safety, AFIRE warns against manual devices that turn out to be dangerous.

Bio ethanol fireplace advice on automatic safety

File: Ethanol Fireplace Advice on the Safety of Bio Burners

Bio-fireplaces are not immune to standard rules. The peace of mind resulting from the absence of danger must absolutely be taken into account by buyers. Better not to buy anything than to buy a dangerous product. The file Ethanol Fireplace Advice on Safety written by AFIRE aims to help buyers take into account some objective elements of the safety and ease of use of bio ethanol fireplaces.

Common sense is paramount, especially when it comes to open fireplaces. It is easy to understand that fire deserves special attention and must be ABSOLUTELY secure. Thus, it is hard to stomach some discount products on the Internet that state, “Our products are entirely mechanical, they do not include any electronic parts and are therefore more durable products without any reason for a possible breakdown”!!! Can we imagine, today, a car without brakes, without an airbag, without a GPS, or without any other electronic safety aids or without even a seatbelt?


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Ethanol Burner Advice on Mandatory Safety Devices

These are the minimum safety devices that must be fitted to a fireplace insert.

Tank separated from the ethanol burner. Active electronic safety sensors that stop the device automatically in the event of abnormal operation. Electronic aids for safe filling. Automatic ignition through remote control or home automation which allows you to avoid approaching the fire when turning it on or off. Heat detectors to prevent heat ignition and which stop the appliance from operating when the maximum permissible temperature is exceeded.

Ethanol Fireplace Advice on Additional Mandatory Safety Devices

The equipment is identical to the ethanol burner advice with, in addition: mandatory fixing of the appliance to the ground or to the wall, and devices allowing for a thermal insulation of the frame of the apparatus.
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Ethanol burner advice on safety

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