In 2016, how can you install your fire space with an AFIRE ethanol fireplace insert with remote control? Do you want to replace your old fireplace, or create a new one? Do you want to equip your existing fireplace with an embeddable fireplace insert? AFIRE’s range of ethanol inserts will allow you to desire your ventless fire point. To install your luxury decorative fireplace without any heavy work or constraints, one of AFIRE’s new range of electronic ethanol fireplace inserts with remote control can be elegantly inserted or embedded in your living room, your home or your commercial space.

Ethanol fireplace insert with remote control

Decorative Ethanol Fireplace Insert with remote control: the Choice of a Custom Hearth

With the arrival of AFIRE’s ethanol fireplace insert with remote control range, there are no more reasons not to install a decorative fireplace or a customized fire space in your own style. Luxury fireplaces, trendy hearths, today’s domestic fashion involves creating a fire point in the main rooms in order to create the lively atmosphere of both fire and flames. All kinds of creations are possible; just add a fireplace insert to your interior decoration. Imagine your design fireplace equipped with a fire without constraints and discover the pleasures of fire and the magic of flames without smoke, smell, or soot.  


Décorative Fireplace


Ventless Fireplace


Ethanol Fireplace Insert & Remote Control


Constraints !

Ethanol Fireplace with Smart Remote Controlled Burner Insert

Of course, if you would like to install an installation-free remote controlled ethanol fireplace, AFIRE offers a range of high-tech smart and design fireplaces. This is a range of embeddable ethanol fireplaces with electronic controls and automatic safety sensors that stop the ethanol fireplace insert with remote control. Up to you to choose between a bio fireplace to embed on the floor (ARCH range), a wall ethanol fireplace (SASA and LOFT range), or a fireplace table (LOU Range). All AFIRE devices are available in a range of shapes and sizes.

All of AFIRE’s “Ethanol Fireplace Insert with Remote Control” range of products are very high-end certified devices (CE for Europe, IC for Canada, FCC for the United States.)

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

AFIRE delivers anywhere in the world within 10 days with DHL