How to install an ethanol fireplace insert with remote control in your living room? How to create a modern ventless fireplace adapted to your style of decoration? Where can you find ideas and inspiration? To whom can you entrust its installation? Are there maintenance constraints? Can a remote-controlled bio ethanol fireplace be used every day? AFIRE helps you answer all of these questions on the installation of a fireplace in your living room or your commercial space.

Ethanol fireplace insert with remote control

An Ethanol Fireplace Insert with remote control: A Living Decoration Idea for your Living Room


Today, in order to install a modern designer fire space in your living room, there are two important elements that you need to take into account. Can you install a smoke evacuation system and how could you source wood or fuel? In all cases, an ethanol fireplace insert with remote control meets the modern installation and usage requirements. Bioethanol is available everywhere. It can even be ordered on the web and be delivered to your home. When burning, the alcohol does not produce any smoke, meaning that there is no need for chimney vents. What’s more, unlike traditional fireplaces, a bioethanol burner does not emit soot or odors. There is no cleaning of the device or its surroundings, and no maintenance to be expected. An AFIRE remote-controlled chimney insert is truly a modern ventless fireplace, free from constraints.

To Whom Should you Entrust the Design and Installation of your Bio Ethanol Fireplace?

Imagining and installing a smart ethanol fireplace insert with remote control is a designer’s business. Installing an AFIRE device is simple. However, the creation of a fire space that combines with your style of decoration requires the expertise of a professional. Meeting with an interior designer who will take your project in stride and give it shape is a must. The layout of your interior space and the design of the fire space must be coordinated. This is the role of the decorator, who understands your needs, advises you and helps you put words and ideas to your desires. Afterwards, you are free to call on professionals or to concretize the project yourself.


Ethanol Fireplace Insert with Remote Control


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Can an Ethanol Fireplace be Used Every Day?


Definitely, yes! An ethanol fireplace is not a heating furnace, but a decorative object. With electronic models boasting automatic safety systems, the use of decorative fire has become possible on a daily basis. An AFIRE ethanol fireplace insert has simple and effective means to ignite or extinguish the flames, including a button on the high plate, a remote control, as well as dry contact for smartphone, home automation system and Wifi. In addition, all devices have automatic safety systems. Fire becomes one of the living elements of your home through multimedia devices. It should be noted that they are increasingly associated with the television-ethanol fireplace combination.

LOFT fireplace insert with remote control

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