Ethanol fireplace trends for your house: design firespaces built with bio burner inserts. Consumer needs have changed into innovative concepts that account for the reality of contemporary, urban life. Being easier to use, but also including all modern electronic security features, remote-controlled ethanol fireplaces have become essential decorative objects in modern living spaces. 


Stylish ethanol fireplace with design hearth


Ethanol fireplace trends: professionals choose electronic built-in inserts

Decorating or renovating a living or family room? Interior designers have now considered the benefits of a modern ventless fireplace that can be built in seamlessly into their creations. Being in-tune with modern constraints, contemporary fireplaces can be controlled by simply pressing a remote controller. No more chores, no more cleaning, and no more maintenance: ethanol fireplaces are smokeless, sootless and odorless.

It’s a real strategic decision to choose a living decoration. Home fashions have revealed a concern for inhabitants’ well-being in these new contemporary spaces. The dancing flames bring soft warmth that wake up the senses. Fireplaces using bioethanol are among those objects that have transformed the usage of fire at home. Fire has become modern and without constraints.


Which bio burner should you choose to install in an ethanol fireplace?

The most important advice for installing a fireplace is to choose the right insert for the volume it’s installed into. For the rest, building a fireplace depends only on decoration. You should also consider one simple installation rule: any part that may come into contact with the flames must be made out of inflammable material. However, the insert itself can be built into any type of material (wood, stone, marble, metal, etc.). We recommend looking at the page ethanol fireplace trends: frequently asked questions about installing an AFIRE ethanol fireplace

– For average, medium-sized living and family rooms, AFIRE recommends two of its lines: BL inserts from 40 to 100 cm and BC (built-in burners in creative designs).

Ethanol burner fire line BL                   Electronic ethanol insert BC range  Ethanol fireplace with BR bio insert


– For large-sized rooms, the BX line of large flames (inserts from 120 to 180 cm). Exceptional one-piece fireplaces for exclusive installations.

Electronic bio ethanol burner insert BX line

– For unusually shaped rooms or installations, the Modulo line offers the advantage of a modular fireplace of large size (up to 10 modules can be installed) with the possibility of angles.

Fire ribbon L shape Modulo                         M500 Modulo Fire Ribbon


Find these models on the webpage: AFIRE bioethanol burners, all remote controlled lines

AFIRE has also developed a line of electronic remote controlled ethanol fireplaces that can be installed with no construction work.

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