Fireplace of the future

Tomorrow, the fireplace of the future will be completely adapted to its environment. Cities will be massive, and we will surely have to find ways to house our planet’s 10 billion inhabitants. The fireplace of the future will thus be urban. However, the world will have to be more respectful of the environment, and may even have to become downright ecological. Tomorrow’s fireplaces will thus be eco-friendly. They will also have to integrate a modular and adaptable design to access an audience that is mature, as well as a fan of both design and change. Finally, the fireplace of the future will be loaded with technology to make it simple to control without constraints.


Urban Fireplace


Trendy Ethanol Insert


Ecological Fireplace


Constraints !

The fireplace of tomorrow will be ecological and urban

In the world of fire, the change of century coincides with the arrival of new fire spaces. More environmentally friendly and operating through renewable energy, the ethanol fireplace is the symbol of these new eco-friendly products.
We should also take into consideration the fact that modern fireplaces must be able to be installed anywhere, without constraints! Gone is the time when people would install vents and spend all their time cleaning and maintaining them. We should also note that fuel supply is very difficult to come by in urban areas. How can somebody get wood delivered to the city, much less store it? Urban fireplaces are thus ventless fireplaces equipped with a remote-controlled ethanol burner with automatic ignition.

Urban fireplace

The fireplace of the future will be trendy and high-tech

New urban fireplaces are not just environmentally friendly, they also benefit from every kind of technological advance. Electronics and their related services are no longer just a marketing gadget. Safety sensors and high-tech controls are integral elements of modern fireplaces.
Alongside ethanol fireplaces, water vapor fireplaces are a new product that breaks the rules and perfectly represents this new class of modern and smart appliances. Fully ecological (it works with water), this 3D fireplace makes it possible to create an unlimited number of fire space designs. The 3D water vapor fireplace is truly the fireplace of the future
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