AFIRE Fireplaces: launched in November, 2012 of the brand new site AFIRE Fireplaces is dedicated to the designing of your fireplace. A new vision of the ethanol hearth with the arrival of inserts to embed AFIRE.

The spirit of the site AFIRE  is in the eye of the visitor

Fireplaces and inserts range AFIRE is at the top of the quality and the design. We wanted to express this high positioning of the range through our web site. The design of the site was specially studied to give ” envy to go further ” to the Internet user. Professional photo series were realized by professionals with products AFIRE at our customers homes or premises.

On the other hand everything was done to make it easy, i.e. the surfing of the site. This is simple to use with high-end design. These qualities are exactly the same as our ethanol fireplaces and burners


Fireplaces AFIIRE


The development is privileged

Numerous new products are going to be launched in the next few years. AFIRE manufacturer, works on the principle of cutting edge technology and design and is thus going to provide its customers the new range with surprising designs. The research and development AFIRE team possesses more than eighty developments of new products. Of course, all these products will not be marketed but certain projects are already programmed for years to come.

The web site was planned to integrate these inserts in future in the fireplace. On the other hand it has planned to translate it in more than ten languages. The AFIRE fireplaces team has now a unique tool which wants to be regional. AFIRE will favor comments and local images in its blogs “to stick” on the closer in tastes and design of local consumers.

AFIRE fireplaces manufacturer

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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