The world of home fashion has changed many decoration habits. The pleasure of fire is no longer limited to the dead of winter; it can be enjoyed in all seasons. How should you go about installing a modern design living room fireplace with a smart bio ethanol burner to enjoy the magic of flames in all seasons? AFIRE can advise you on the installation of its homemade ethanol fireplaces… Long live creation!

Modern Design Living Room Fireplaces & Smart Ethanol Burner

Installing a design fireplace in a living room to enjoy fire, no matter the season

The use of fire has changed over the centuries. Cooking and heating are no longer the main purposes of a fireplace, and yet man has not forgotten the magic of the flames, nor the pleasure of fire. The fireplace has become an indispensable decorative element in a modern living room. In recent years, with the emergence of smart bio ethanol burner inserts and fireplaces, the magic of fire is no longer reserved to those living in rural areas during the winter. Modern fire is used in living rooms in all seasons and in all urban dwellings.

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Ethanol fireplace & smart bio ethanol burner for living rooms: the world of fire makes a mark in home fashion

Fire allows for the mixing of dreams and memories. In front of flames, man acquired his humanity, which differentiates him from all other living beings. Ethanol living room fireplaces allows people to rethink the decoration of their living rooms and give them this vital touch of life. A fire space can be fully created by simply inserting a built-in remote controlled smart bio ethanol burner insert. Alternatively, there is the choice of modern design fireplaces that can be simply and quickly installed. It is nonetheless ESSENTIAL to choose a fireplace equipped with electronic safety devices that automatically stop the fire in case of abnormal operation and remote controls that do not require getting close to the fire when lighting or extinguishing the flames.

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