AFIRE remote-controlled high-end bio ethanol fireplaces help you to created customized fire areas. The flames are remote controlled and the magic of fire can be yours in any residence or business. The flame is controlled and can be part of a modern, urban environment. There are no longer any constraints to enjoy the pleasures of fire.


Remote-controlled electronic fireplace insert BC50 AFIRE

The passion of fire with our line of eco-friendly high-end bio ethanol fireplaces

Architects, Decorators and Designers offer a real difference in the world of living spaces: the personalization and the art de vivre of our spaces. Faced with globalization and anonymity, a real need for “customized” creations has taken hold in our mind day after day. Cocooning, which became popular in the 1980s, has been replaced by the customization of our living spaces as the world became open to us. Fire, having been forgotten due to practical concerns, has arisen from its ashes with modern, safe ethanol fireplaces that can be installed and customized very easily. These professionals have seized this new tool to come up with modular ductless fire areas that perfectly fit into their designs and make them come alive. Also, bioethanol provides modern and eco-friendly usage of urban high-end bio ethanol fireplaces.


High-end bio ethanol fireplaces: simplicity of use is made possible through technology

No more constraints: contemporary technical means have domesticated fire more safely in urban spaces. A modern ventless bio ethanol burner or fireplace features a host of detectors and electronic components ensuring proper functioning and stopping the insert in the case of malfunction. Furthermore, the ways of adjusting these eco-friendly fireplaces make starting and stopping the flames completely controlled. A simple push of a button controls the device without having to get your hands near any flames.


High end electronic bio ethanol fireplaces and burners AFIRE

AFIRE: makers of high-end modern fireplaces

For many years, AFIRE has developed lines of products which are practical, simple and safe. These are no longer simply dangerous boxes of alcohol that are set alight manually, but real electronic fireplaces that provide real comfort of use while making a safe fire area.

AFIRE, makers of fireplaces and ethanol inserts, serves purchasers and purchase advisors all over the world. Visit the page: remote-controlled electronic bio ethanol burners and inserts for a better idea of our lines of products to create YOUR customized vent free fireplace.

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