In contemporary homes, modern objects are now interconnected and are controlled by simply pressing a button. Remote controlled ethanol inserts and bio burners are part of this modern decoration. They bring life and soft warmth, creating a subtle atmosphere to your living space or to commercial premises. Sharing this experience by enjoying a drink when night falls – fire is magical!


Automatic bio ethanol burner insert with remote control AFIRE


Ethanol inserts : a truly modern decoration object rather than a heating appliance

If you want to break down what has made ethanol fireplaces so successful, just look at their concept: a fire with no constraints that can be installed anywhere and can be controlled simply by pressing a button. The positioning of these appliances has become even more interesting in that they are equipped with electronic, remote controlled safety detectors. As a real emerging trend in the world of home design, installable ethanol inserts have helped to develop new architectural concepts that combine fire and decoration. Fireplaces are no longer only heating appliances, but contemporary fire areas that can be shared simply with family and friends. Fire then provides real, everyday well-being completely safely.


Modern built-in bio-fireplaces: a desire for adaptability and modernity

The world of design has now appropriated fire objects. They give a touch of movement and a spark of life to creative design. Indeed, bioethanol burner inserts exist in all lengths and in many forms so they can be integrated in urban décor. Style is not granted by a fireplace, but a designer, who “sets the stage” for the world of fire. Ethanol inserts can be integrated into any creation, offering new living atmospheres. The modularity of the flame can refurbish fire-spaces into just about any style. Designers then use fire and an essential complement to personalized creations – a personalized service for home improvement.


Automatic bio éthanol fireplace with remote control AFIRE


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