How to choose a bio ethanol fireplace with electronic and remote control for your house or business space? AFIRE can advise you on the possibilities of customizing a home in your own style with “ready to use” hearths or mountable bioethanol burners. Whether for modern or traditional design, the key to a good choice lies in the use of an insert that is easy to both use and install, and which can fit in your interior design without distorting it.


Choose a bio ethanol fireplace


A custom fireplace that fits your interior design

Customization is no longer an outlier. Today, it is a considered lifestyle choice. Interior design no longer accommodates mass concepts, and is instead trending towards making personalized design or customization unavoidable. The field of design is looking for unique products, including in the world of fireplaces, in which the style of the hearths must imperatively adapt and differentiate itself from old fire spaces, which are all the same. Both designers and interior architects need new tools and modern technology that they will adapt to their creations. With the AFIRE concept, a fireplace becomes a unique fire space specifically created for the residents.


How to choose a bio ethanol fireplace or a mountable fireplace insert

To choose an ethanol fireplace, it is recommended to take into account a variety of criteria:

– Security is paramount, and so you should absolutely choose an electronic bio ethanol fireplace. Among other things, the insert must stop automatically in case of problems related to use, and sensors must detect malfunctions and stop the flames. It is also necessary for the filling of the tank to be safe, and for mechanisms to prevent it from opening if the burner is hot or still running.

– The volume of the room to be equipped must also be taken into account. The larger it is, the larger the insert can be. AFIRE will advise you and show you the maximum sizes to observe. For more information, you can contact AFIRE on the website’s contact page, or at [email protected]

– The choice also depends on the style of your interior. AFIRE advises you to hire a professional to install your custom design fireplace. Whether interior decorators, designers, or architects, building professionals are the best able to study your project, choose the bio ethanol burner insert as well as the materials that will surround it in order to finally have it installed.


Remote controlled automatic bio ethanol burner insert AFIRE


How to choose a bio ethanol fireplace to create your fire space according to your room’s style and dimensions:

Bio Ethanol Burner Insert, and Fire Line Ranges to Install your Custom Fireplace

How to choose a hearth without any installation:

AFIRE: “Ready to Use” Electronic Bio Ethanol Fireplaces and Hearth Ranges


 Remote controlled bioethanol fireplace AFIRE


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