In the context of an increasingly urbanized home environment, the image of a fun, secure and easy to install fire becomes a necessity. But how to buy a design ethanol fireplace for your living room? For AFIRE, several criteria are essential to choosing an ethanol fireplace. Not only the design, but also the electronic security and the daily ease of use are all essential elements. When buying a fireplace, choosing a hearth that combines beautiful designs with automatic security and simple electronic commands is a must. You just need to find or create the fire space of your dreams with AFIRE’s range of intelligent built-in remote controlled bioethanol fireplaces and burners.

How to Choose a Design Ethanol Fireplace

Why buy an intelligent design ethanol fireplace rather than a manual one?



Fire requires particular attention. Electronic sensors must control the initiation, operation, shutdown and refuelling of the tank. Without these elements, first generation manual fireplaces are at risk for terrible accidents. AFIRE, for its part, goes even further with atmospheric (CO²) sensors which stop the combustion in case of dangerous gases.


Igniting or extinguishing a fire in a manual hearth may be dangerous if your approach your hand to the flames. With a remote control or an ignition button, the extinction of the fire can be done in complete peace of mind. In addition, AFIRE’s command systems can be connected to WiFi, home automation systems, etc. through dry command contact.

Combustion hygiene

A cold, separate and secure tank and a small burner with ergonomics allowing for perfect fire oxygenation are the essential conditions to avoid emitting dangerous gases. Manual combustion blocks that burn all of their fuel or which have a flame height adjustment hatch are to be avoided at all cost. They are dangerous and emit harmful gases!


Safe Combustion


Remote Fire Control


Design Adaptable to All Styles


Constraints !

Why is an AFIRE design ethanol fireplace able to adapt to all styles?

The main advantage of a ventless fireplace is that it does not require the installation of fume exhaust pipes. Free from these constraints, your fire space is easy to install and can be adapted to any style of interior decoration.

Two possible choices to install your fire space:

A ready-to-install intelligent design ethanol fireplace, which has the advantage of being ready to install in a few minutes. There are wall fireplaces, built-in fireplaces, central fireplaces, coffee tables with integrated fireplaces, etc.

A remote controlled automatic bio ethanol burner that fits into any type of decoration (by following the instructions of the installation security manual) and that allows for perfect integration into all styles. A bioethanol fireplace can thus be installed to create all kinds of atmospheres in any environment.

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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