Fireplace ideas are an essential element in the decoration of living spaces. A Fire Spot and the home are inseparable. Were homes built around fireplaces, or was fire installed at the center of a home? Although the debate is largely unimportant, it has been noticed for many years that the traditional fireplace has mostly disappeared from new homes. The renewal of the world of the fireplace is due to the arrival of bioethanol hearths. The use of domestic fire is back, with built-in burners and inserts that allow the easy use of a modern fireplace with the simple press of a button. Here are some ideas and tips to build a custom fire in an indoor space.



Ideas for Custom Modern Fireplaces with Automatic Built-in Inserts

Everything is in the choice of the fireplace’s setting. Although you can design your own fireplace and integrate it into your interior decoration, AFIRE recommends that you contact an interior decorator. Professionals are always better able to design a custom hearth and create original set designs in the style of your home or commercial space.


Fireplace Ideas for Remodeled Classic Fireplaces with a Remote Controlled Bioethanol Burner

If you already have a fireplace but, because of various constraints, you cannot light a traditional wood fire, AFIRE offers to remodel it by installing an electronic insert to build-in or put in the fireplace’s hearth. By doing this, you will be able to fill the empty space of the fireplace and enjoy real flames that do not emit any fumes. There are all kinds of automatic AFIRE inserts, from the narrowest to the widest. Take a look at the product page:


Built-in bio ethanol burner insert for design fireplace ideas


XL Design Fireplace Ideas to Create a Modern Fire Space

Fire spaces and lines are very trendy. Their designs fit into any style, you just need to select the correct fire modules and the professionals capable of installing and designing them. Unless you are a good at handiwork, designers will be best able to create these fire points to meet your expectations and return a shining atmosphere to your rooms. The interwoven magic of fire and design will create an incomparable atmosphere! The page below will help you imagine what can be done with fire design:

Designer fireplaces and hearths: modern installation ideas for fire in decoration


 Contemporary design fireplace idea for installation


AFIRE, new fireplace ideas for contemporary or traditional personalized design fireplaces

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