Ideas for setting up a decorative fireplace

Here are some tips and ideas for setting up a decorative fireplace in your apartment, house, or commercial space. It is a given that contemporary fireplaces no longer resemble the fireplaces of the past. The real flames are entirely environmentally friendly and absolutely no hassle. Decorative fire is becoming the rule, a wonderful idea for modern décor.

Ideas for setting up an ethanol fireplace

Nowadays, the ethanol fireplace has become the symbol of urban living. Easy to install, it is often the only solution for those who want to install a ventless fireplace. Already available at every interior décor store, the ethanol fireplace with a minimalist design is becoming a must for interior designers. The natural shape of fireplaces provides a feeling of calm and well-being. The ethanol fireplace is a trendy, easy décor idea to make your home warm and welcoming.

Minimalist design ethanol fireplace
Ethanol fireplace burner

Ideas for setting up a fireplace with an ethanol burner

The ethanol burner for a decorative fireplace is the ultimate décor idea when it comes to setting up a fireplace. Since inserts come in all shapes and sizes, the design possibilities for fireplaces have become limitless. Long or compact ethanol burner, round or square insert, modular units to create long lines of fire, the option of these separate boxes meets the expectations of the most inventive designers. The main advantage of a bioethanol burner for a custom fireplace is the magic of the flames in a living design.


Modern decoration idea


Entirely environmentally friendly fire


Maximum high-tech safety


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Ideas for setting up an electric water vapor fireplace

Here it is. The water vapor fireplace has all the advantages. It’s the safest unit to set up a fireplace. In fact, a fireplace with cold flames that works with tap water is completely safe. It’s the ultimate innovative fireplace. An electric water vapor fireplace insert, also called a 3D effect fireplace, brings a modernity and an extraordinary adaptability. It’s not only a fireplace for hotels and public spaces but also a range of 3D effect inserts that can be installed anywhere. The cold, colorful fire makes its grand entrance into the world of design and décor.
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