A modern design bio ethanol fireplace is a reflection of its time. It is a contemporary object that is simple to install and use. New technologies have allowed for the development of a range of ventless remote controlled ethanol insert equipped with all modern safety devices. The modern design bio ethanol fireplace becomes a decorative object that can be installed anywhere. Fire has returned to the decoration of our homes, apartments and commercial spaces. It is secure, ventless, without maintenance and without constraints. It can be controlled with the simple touch of a button. The modern design bio ethanol fireplace has everything you need!

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Modern design bio ethanol fireplace: the sense of balance

A modern design bio ethanol fireplace is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. It has the advantage of running on bioethanol, a renewable green energy, and of easily being integrated into all styles of decoration. You can choose your type of fireplace. You can use an embeddable bioethanol burner insert that fits perfectly with your decoration. But you can also use a modern design bio fireplace to create decorative contrasts between rooms with different styles. The balance is thus created between a design bio fireplace and the location in which it is placed. 


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Remote controlled ethanol insert: the secure heart of domestic fire

Whether it is integrated into a design bio fireplace or embedded into a decoration style, the true heart of the decorative fireplace is the remote controlled ethanol insert. This smart bioethanol burner brings together a state-of-the-art technology that allows for the safe use of fire. Its operation is controlled electronically and stopped in case of malfunction. Since AFIRE bio fireplaces are increasingly used in urban areas, and especially in apartment buildings, such security is absolutely necessary. Older generations of manual bioethanol burners are completely inappropriate; they are dangerous in such contexts (no automatic safety, excessively hot tanks, poor combustion hygiene, etc.) However, automatic remote controlled ethanol inserts are well suited to urban domestic fire.

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