In today’s urban modernity, installing a fire space is often difficult or impossible. AFIRE makes it easy to install a smart ethanol fireplace with a modern design, and without the need to create a ventilation duct. How? With the new concept of vent-free remote controlled smart ethanol fireplaces & bioethanol burners. In our modern world with its often prohibitive constraints, the fireplace is today reinventing itself… A simple, secure and intelligent ethanol fireplace!

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A high-tech, refined, elegant and timeless smart ethanol fireplace

Decoration offers have intensified in recent years. Home fashion is full of new modern design products that give decoration a new dimension. Shapes and materials have evolved towards a concept centered on the user. Installation and use must be simple and adapted to our modern urban lifestyle. Design and materials must be both innovative and high-tech to meet our expectations. The final result of these new objects is give us happiness, without constraints!

AFIRE’s remote controlled smart bio ethanol fireplace is the modern version of traditional fireplaces, without the chores. Just press a button and start the fire!


Smart Ethanol Fireplace


Eco-Friendly & High Tech


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Constraints !

Decoration ideas with AFIRE modern fireplaces

The little extras that give life and light to our interior decorations are legion: candles, lamps, mirrors, reflections in mirrors, etc. However, none of these objects can compare to natural fire, to the magic of flames that dance in the night. These natural bursts of fire, of colorful dust, have been the companions of the human race since the dawn of time.  

Smart ethanol fireplaces have become fashion objects and essential parts of our interior decoration. They give wonderful touches of fire to create personalized atmospheres. For designers and interior architects, smart ethanol fireplaces and burners are great design tools that can fit in their creations in all safety. AFIRE. Rethink fire!

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