AFIRE modern fireplaces use all styles and designs. Easy to install and use, they are a decorative object that adapts not only to the style and personality of Designers and Users, but also to the environment in which it is installed. Fire is freed from constraints: no conduit, no smoke, no smell, no hassle, and no maintenance. 


Modern fireplace with a design without constraints


Fire creates an exceptional scenography in living spaces

Sharing “well-being”: this is the purpose of new fireplaces. The spirit of a contemporary hearth is no longer heating, but rather the gathering of guests around the fire to share a moment in time. The flames are the living media of a lifestyle. They offer a unique experience in the life of a home, as well as of welcoming or work areas. 

Electronic ethanol AFIRE modern fireplaces also reflect the current expectations of users. They run on bioethanol, a clear renewable energy that produces neither smoke nor smell. They are secure, and stop automatically in case of anomaly. They are also easy to use: just press a button (remote control, button on the device, or remote control compatible with all home automation systems, etc.) to start or extinguish the flames.

Modern fireplaces a contemporary well being lifestyle



AFIRE Modern Fireplaces Customized with the Talent of Designers

Modern fire is a fire for Designers and Decorators. Ventless, it allows for the conception of all kinds of universes, and fits into all modern or traditional decorations. It is no longer the fireplace which imposes its terms on design, but rather the Creator who imagines the world of fire. Electronic and remote-controlled bioethanol inserts and burners allow for any kind of construction in a very simple manner: just fit them into the decoration imagined by the interior designer.

AFIRE has developed several ranges of inserts to allow for the realization of any type of fireplace. The shapes and dimensions of these modular bioethanol burners allow for the installation, not only of small fireplaces, but also of continuous, several meters long flame fronts. Decorators are no longer forced to create linear flame fronts, but can give shape to these unusual hearths. Flames are freed from their traditional constraints, all while remaining under the control of electronic security systems.

Rethink the Fire with AFIRE modern fireplaces!

How to create a constraint free customized design fireplace


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