In the era of interior customization and home fashion, creators, designers, and architects can again install fire spaces by embedding remote controlled electronic ethanol burner inserts in a setting adapted to your home.


Modern ventless ethanol fireplace

Installing a design fire space is giving life to an interior space

To install a fire space, all that is needed is a good dose of imagination to create an original decor, adapted to the style of the house. With the advent of AFIRE embeddable electronic ethanol burner inserts, chimney flues are no longer necessary. Creation is simple, quick, and fits in all types of homes. The world of fire becomes accessible to all design to give spaces filled with light and well-being to your house, apartment, or business premises.

A modern or classic fire design that melds into your lifestyle

A great wind of change is blowing with modern fireplaces. “Because all you want to do is press the remote control,” AFIRE’s slogan summarizes this concept that inspires all its styles. It is a concept based on the free use of fire, secured with electronic sensors that stop the device in case danger is detected. Flames that are controlled at your fingertips with methods of control that allow fire to be guided in complete safety, with the simple push of a button. AFIRE creates a technical excellence for the use of a modern fireplace that blends into your decor.


Modern design fire

A modern fireplace with electronic ethanol burner for the most beautiful design signatures

The greatest designers of home fashion are beginning to get excited about this new fire tool to illuminate their most beautiful projects. The showcased interiors are illuminated, enhanced by the expertise of the architects and decorators of the world of the home. “AFIRE Projects” is a service specially dedicated to these professionals to advise them on their choice of insert or ethanol fireplace best suited to their needs. Manufacturing and installing a modern design ventless fireplace once again becomes the prerogative of creators.

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