Modern water vapor fireplace

The modern water vapor fireplace insert is really extraordinary. It is a decorative fireplace with no heat and without constraints. This is one of these new lifestyle objects that combines ecology with modernity. It is the ideal solution for city dwellers and institutions that receive the public. With it, there is no need to stock up on fuel as tap water is all that is needed. In short, the contemporary 3D steam fireplace has all the advantages to seduce new consumers not looking for a heater but rather a decorative fireplace.

Why is the modern water vapor fireplace insert really extraordinary?

There are a lot of decorative fireplaces. But which are the appliances that can really compete with a contemporary water vapor fireplace insert? A 3D electric fireplace has the advantage of a real cold flame and therefore presents no danger. In addition, we can also call it an ecological and economical fireplace. A 3D insert, in fact, only consumes water. Air quality does not suffer from any pollution, unlike with other fireplaces. Moreover, the cost of using a 3D fireplace is virtually zero and there is no need to stock up on fuel. How much time gained? The electric water vapor fireplace insert is truly “THE” intelligent and innovative modern fireplace par excellence.


Recessed water vapor fireplace insert


Ecological modern water vapor fireplace


Total safety


Constraints !

Decorative water vapor fireplace insert

The decorative water vapor fireplace, a fireplace tool for interior designers

The modern water vapor fireplace insert can be installed in all traditional and contemporary home decoration contexts. Why are decorators and interior designers in favour of this new home decoration tool? Safety is the professionals’ key element of concern. In public places today, in fact, fire with hot flames is usually forbidden. The electric water-vapour fireplace offers 100% safety, and therefore the possibility of installing a fireplace absolutely anywhere.
In addition, it has to be understood that this fireplace tool can create extraordinary fireplaces. The design of the flames is highly acclaimed. Long lines of fire or compact hearths with changing colours can be created. The designer is driving the innovation of this modern and flexible home decoration feature without any design limitations.
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