Different parameters should be taken into account to purchase a fireplace. While wood or gas fireplaces are ideal for heat in the countryside, bioethanol fireplaces are better suited to urban areas and are installed more easily… Many criteria are taken into account when choosing a fireplace for your home, and no type of fireplace can meet all needs. AFIRE advises you to make the right choice following your installation constraints, your type of need (heating, authorization, etc.) as well as the design you are looking for.

Purchase a fireplace


Purchase a fireplace: wood, gas or ethanol

In the countryside, where getting logs is easy, log fireplaces are a good choice to enjoy fire, especially if it is possible to install a duct, or if it already exists. For heating, gas fireplaces or inserts are certainly the best option, because it is not necessary to continuously supply them with fuel. In addition, the caloric efficiency of gas is excellent. These fireplaces require regular cleaning and maintenance. It is absolutely necessary to provide for yearly cleaning.


Purchase a fireplace: ductless remote controlled bioethanol fireplaces

For urban housing, electronic ethanol fireplaces are the preferred choice. Indeed, installing a duct for evacuating fumes is not necessary. Installation is quicker and much less expensive than for traditional fireplaces. In addition, supplying wood is not only becoming very difficult, some cities even prohibit its use. These bio-fires, however, cannot be used for heating, even if they can create some additional heat with intermittent operation. The real use of a bio fireplace is conviviality, well-being, and decoration. 

Design bio ethanol burner insert BL40


Tips for choosing your fireplace’s design

The choice of your fireplace’s design often depends on the type of fireplace that you choose. Gas fireplaces or pellet stoves are generally more functional than decorative. Wood burning fireplaces offer a wide variety of styles. Depending on the brand, you can find modern or traditional fireplaces. However, once the decision has been made, it will be impossible to change the decoration without breaking everything.

For ethanol fireplaces, there are two installation options: the “ready to install” bio-fireplace or ethanol burners to be built in to the decoration of your choice. The only imperative is to choose an electronically secured fireplace with automatic stop function in case of abnormal operation or defect. A remote control is also recommended because it makes it unnecessary to bring your hand close to the fire when igniting the fireplace. To install a fire space that will perfectly fit in with the style of your home, as well as with the furniture that surrounds it, AFIRE recommends installing an automatic and remote controlled automatic ethanol burner to build in. This will allow you to create a fire that is fully modular and customized.

To install a design and movable fire spot without any work, AFIRE recommends using a ready-to-install ductless ethanol fireplace. This solution has the advantage of being versatile: it does not require any installation and is also movable.