Why, in urban areas, is the installation of a smart and design remote controlled ethanol burner insert becoming a simple method of creating a smart and unconstrained fireplace ? The return of decorative fireplaces in cities or houses without fireplace vents has now become possible with a new generation of bioethanol inserts. Designers, architect and interior decorators can now create fire spaces in complete freedom and security. The fireplace has come back to our living rooms and our living spaces. So, turn on the fire and create a unique atmosphere for your home decoration.

Smart and design remote controlled ethanol burner insert

Remote Controlled Ethanol Burner Insert for Contemporary Interior Design

The essential criterion of the new wave of interior design is the easy living made possible by modern technologies. In our modern world, we tend to avoid constraints all while having an ecological approach with products that make the maximum use of renewable energy. When it comes to decorative fireplaces, the conception and installation of a bio fire combines these criteria. A remote controlled ethanol burner insert is used to create fire spaces that combine perfectly with all kinds of interior decorations Fire has become an essential element of all modern design.


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Fire Spaces without Constraints


Decorative & Intelligent Fireplaces


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AFIRE: High-tech Smart Fireplaces and Ethanol Burner Inserts

Smart and easy to use objects; that is the spirit of AFIRE’s bio fire. To create a intelligent design fireplace, using a smart remote controlled ethanol burner insert is the best way to create a personalized fire space. With automatic electronic security measures and commands, these high-tech bio-inserts have the advantage of fitting easily into all decorating styles, and in all designs.

Whether long or compact ethanol burners, round or square decorative fireplaces, smart fire lines or remote controlled ethanol burner insert AFIRE’s range allows you to install the customized ethanol fireplace perfect for your interior. Rethink fire! Brighten your living spaces with the magic of flames dancing in the night!

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