The new collection, remote-controlled ethanol fireplace, is equipped with the latest smart bioethanol burner with the AFIRE electronic lighting system. This advance in technology and design offers the benefit of being able to set up an elegant ventless fireplace in moments with no constraints. Installing your own automatic bio-fireplace or inventing your own décor with a bio ethanol burner insert with remote control: all choices are possible with AFIRE’s smart, contemporary ethanol fireplaces collections.   

Remote controlled ethanol fireplace & burner insert
Bio ethanol fireplace with remote control

AFIRE Remote-Controlled Ethanol Fireplace: the magic of flames! 

While keeping the nature of flames, remote-controlled bio ethanol fireplaces add comfort and well-being to your living space: real fire with real flames. How can you give a touch of life to your living room? Modern electronically controlled safety inserts and fireplaces change the atmosphere in any room. The AFIRE remote-controlled ethanol fireplace has become an essential element of decoration in your living room, whether it has a modern or traditional style. 

Which models are available? 

The remote-controlled wall-mounted fireplaces from the SASA line offer the benefit of not taking up any floor space. They can be set up easily with a wall-hanging rod. They exist in several shapes and colors. 

The free-standing central fireplace from the ARCH line will fit in anywhere in your room. You just need to place it and plug in the 12V adapter.

The fireplace table (coffee table fireplace) from the LOU collection is a truly elegant addition to your living room, with an integrated ethanol insert. A beautiful remote-controlled ethanol fireplace table that gives your living spaces an extraordinary atmosphere.

LOFT models are versatile, elegant fireplace models. The LOFT can be installed on a wall, placed on a piece of furniture or shelf or even be embedded. This is AFIRE’s most creative fireplace.


Ethanol Fireplace with Remote Control


Eco-Design and Renewable Energy


Safety +++


Constraints !

Remote-Controlled Ethanol Burner: Invent your own design!

How can you create a personalized, trendy fireplace? For artisans, architects, designers and decorators, the remote-controlled ethanol burner insert by AFIRE is a magical decoration tool. Not only can it adapt to all interior decoration but it also provides infinite creative possibilities. The huge collections of AFIRE smart ethanol inserts let you complete any project! Round, square, compact or long ethanol burners and modular bioethanol inserts and fireplaces let you create YOUR own personalized remote-controlled ethanol fireplace. Rethink fire!

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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