A remote controlled secured ethanol fireplace or burner insert offers many advantages over traditional fireplaces, notably in terms of its ease of installation and use. Today, manual ethanol fireplaces are being replaced by fireplaces with automatic ignition burners and electronic safety sensors. These two advances have allowed fireplaces to return safely to the home. What’s more, new decoration concepts for your living room are being developed through, among other things, the fireplace and television combination.

Secured ethanol fireplace

Buying an Electronically Secured Ethanol Fireplace: Common Sense!

The use of fire has always been a true pleasure for man. Unfortunately, it can be dangerous and must absolutely be secure. Using a traditional wood-burning fireplace is a good step to achieve this. However, it must be laid according to precise standards and regularly maintained. The most difficult part of this is, of course, the installation of a gas exhaust vent.

A remote-controlled secured ethanol fireplace, for its part, offers many advantages. It is no longer necessary to plan long and onerous installation work (since an ethanol fireplace is a ventless fireplace) and, what’s more, a bio ethanol fireplace does not require any maintenance work. The enthusiasm for such devices is easy to understand, but it is still necessary to be careful!

Secured Ethanol Burner Insert: Safety is Paramount

The secured ethanol burner insert is the engine of the flames. It is made up of a tank and a combustion block. For older models, which were usually only pots or tanks that were manually turned on, safety was not really guaranteed. However, the electronic bio ethanol burner is equipped with an automatic ignition and numerous detectors that secure the filling (the filling flap of the tank is locked during its operation), the ignition and the turning off of the device. Everything is done automatically, without having to bring your hands near the fire. A necessary safety measure!


Safety +++


High Tech +++


Ease of Use +++


Constraints !

The Remote-Controlled Bio Ethanol Fireplace Offers New Design Possibilities

Whether you are tempted by an embeddable burner or a ready-to-place secured ethanol fireplace, the design possibilities are endless. Indeed, while monumental and immovable wood-burning hearths offered few possibilities for customization, bio ethanol fireplaces fit much more simply into your décor and blend in with all styles of decoration (ventless fireplaces). They are modern, secure and most of all without constraints! The wall-mounted or embeddable ethanol fireplace can be installed anywhere and without hindrance in traditional rural or urban flats. New trendy concepts are appearing as fireplace and television for the living room, installed with a secured bio ethanol burner insert placed next to or below the television. All you need to do is make your choice or contact a designer, architect or interior decorator to create your project.

AFIRE Manufacturer of Secured Ethanol Fireplaces

AFIRE is a manufacturer of electronic and remote-controlled secured ethanol fireplaces and burner inserts that designs and manufactures all of its products in its workshops. All models are checked and shipped most often within 24 hours of ordering from the AFIRE factory.

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