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Why choose an AFIRE remote-controlled smart ethanol burner insert with automatic safety mechanisms rather than dangerous manual bio ethanol burners and inserts? This is an importance choice, since the safety of users is at play. It must be said that the use of a fireplace or a manual bioethanol insert is very risky. Of course, anybody can write anything on the Internet, but what’s true remains true. A smart ethanol burner insert is equipped with positive electronic safety, modern control mechanisms, as well as with perfect combustion hygiene – the exact opposite of a tank-box sold by web-based discounters. Let’s take a look at some details…

Smart Ethanol Burner Insert, Safety at the Heart of the Product

Safety is at the heart of a Smart ethanol fireplace’s design. On the one hand, the manual device is made up of a simple box with a manual closing hatch. On the other hand, the smart ethanol burner is made up of a closed tank with a filler flap that locks automatically when the device is operated.
With a manual insert, the tank and the combustion block are fused. With a bioethanol insert, both are kept separate. The burner block is connected to the tank by one or more pumps that inject the fuel necessary for combustion. Unlike a mechanical fireplace, an electronic ethanol burner insert emits no smell and has perfect combustion hygiene (ideal air intake).
Equipped with automatic safety devices that stop the flames, an electronic fire device surpasses at all levels a manual combustion block devoid of any automatic fire termination system.

The advantages of a Smart bio ethanol burner insert




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Liability !

Smart Ethanol Burner Insert VS Manual Devices: Control Mechanisms

There are three very important moments in the operation of a bio ethanol fireplace. Starting it, stopping the fire, and filling the tank. It is at these moments that a manual combustion block can be very dangerous. Starting a tank filled with a large amount of often hot ethanol (re-ignition) is very risky when approaching the fire. Manually closing the hatch with a tool is very often difficult, since the metal changes shape when hot. Finally, filling a hot or still-burning tank puts users of manual devices at a terrible risk of burns. On the other hand, a smart ethanol burner insert’s design (tank separated from the combustion block) and its remote control mechanisms (remote control, remote buttons, home automation systems, dry contact for smartphones, etc.) presents an optimal level of safety. To conclude: it is absolutely imperative to avoid the dangerous bioethanol boxes sold by discounters on the Internet. THESE DEVICES ARE DANGEROUS. Choose safety and comfort with an electronic and automatic fireplace burner.
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Smart bio ethanol burner

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