Smart Ethanol burners – a decoration idea to install a fireplace in your living room or give new life to an old existing fireplace. A fire in your home creates a wonderful atmosphere. Why not install a fireplace in your living room? Do you have an old fireplace in your home that no longer works? How can you give it a new life? How can you make it modern and turn it into a smart fireplace? A remote-controlled bio ethanol burner insert is a wonderful decorative idea that will give a new life to your living room. What different installation possibilities and offers are available?

Smart ethanol burners

Smart ethanol burners – a decoration idea to create a customized fireplace

You don’t have a fireplace, so how can you install your own customized, modern fireplace with no constraints? How can you set up a fireplace simply, even in an apartment that has no chimney duct?
Smart ethanol burners are a decoration idea so you can install a fireplace in any type of home. Indeed, almost anything goes with these bio-fires. You just need to create your own style of decoration and set up a remote-controlled bio-ethanol burner. You can create a smart fireplace in your own style that blends perfectly with your interior decoration. In our opinion, guidance from a decorator or interior architect isn’t a superfluous luxury, but a really good idea to carry out your project.

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Smart Ethanol Burners


Customized Fireplaces


Smart Fireplace


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Smart ethanol burners for fireplaces – a stylish decoration idea

Lots of houses and apartments have an old fireplace. Still, 95% of them aren’t functional. They either have a clogged or poorly maintained chimney, or you might be afraid of smoke and soot, and where can you find wood and where would you store it? There’s no shortage of excuses for fireplaces to remain cold.
Smart Ethanol burner inserts for fireplaces is a stylish and functional decoration idea to give new life to your existing fireplace. Rather than leaving a boring dark hole in your living room, brighten it up in any season. Fire for pleasure – fire for desire. The magic of flames can be enjoyed in perfect quiet with the range of ethanol burners for fireplaces with remote control. Smart and customized fireplaces have become a great decoration idea at the forefront of creativity and design.

Decoration ideas with ethanol burner inserts for existing fireplaces on Pinterest

Ethanol burner for fireplace

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