Tips, tricks and advice to choose your ventless ethanol fireplace and install it without having to install a duct. AFIRE guides you to conveniently create a modern bio ethanol fireplace that will fit perfectly into the decoration and style of your home or commercial space. Modern bio-fires that can be used in all seasons to create a warm atmosphere with the simple press of a button!

Intelligent ventless ethanol fireplace with remote control


Why not create a scenery and install a remote controlled intelligent bio ethanol burner in it?


The trick to create your custom fire space is to create a scenery, or to use elements already present in your existing decoration. To do this, you can call upon a designer, architect, interior decorator or, if you are very good at handiwork, create this fire scenery yourself.

Of course, designers are best able to tell this story of fire and imagine worlds to integrate in your decoration. This is not about installing a ventless ethanol fireplace with its own style into an existing decor, resulting in a motley collection of different objects. The trick is to achieve a union between fire and an indoor space to create a personalized atmosphere which generates well-being.

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Putting safety first is essential when choosing a fireplace or an insert

Fire is magical. However, it is essential that it be completely domesticated with security detectors and elements that will stop the flames in case of malfunction. Manual boxes and burners are dangerous to fill and turn on, are unmanageable during operations and are often very difficult to extinguish. Often, in urban environments, electronic security is not a luxury, but rather indispensable elements that must absolutely guide your choice. The only reasonable solution is to choose an electronically secured intelligent ventless ethanol fireplace or insert.

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Intelligent Ventless ethanol fireplace: A modern solution

Modern fireplaces should be considered more as decorative bio-fires than as heating tools. This is, in any case, true for the majority of cases, particularly in cities where the use of wood is often restricted (wood supply and legislation). In this light, the installation of a vent-free bioethanol fireplace becomes the modern solution to enjoy a fire space in a city or in places where the installation of a smoke evacuation duct is impossible.

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