A ventless ethanol fireplace insert can be equipped in apartments and all rooms that have no installed smoke evacuation mechanisms. It is a moden solution to create the special atmosphere of fire in all types of modern living spaces. Ventless ethanol fireplaces free up spaces and offer infinite design possibilities. Flames are secured with electronic detectors and are controlled with a single button press. The hearth becomes no longer an immovable and cumbersome object, but a remote controlled ethanol burner insert that can be installed anywhere. A perfect idea for professionals and interior decorators and architects who can now produce completely new objects with this new concept of a luxury modern ventless fireplace: TV-fireplace, table-fireplace, furniture-fireplace, etc.

Ventless ethanol fireplace insert

Ventless Fireplace Insert, a New Idea of Fire

While traditional firewood is not dead, it is sometimes very difficult to enjoy the flames, particularly in cities and urban areas. Installing a wood or gas hearth is often impossible or very restrictive. Ductless ethanol fireplaces have created a real revolution in the use of urban fire. Without the restrictions imposed by the installation of vents, it is now possible to install a ventless fireplace insert in any type of living space.

A new use of fire is born: a decorative fire with flames that excite the imagination or that relax the tensions of the mind, a fire that provides an incomparable well-being of the body with its soft warmth… Fireplaces, like many modern objects, has greatly evolved. Ventless modern fireplaces are no longer intended for heating or cooking food but for the pleasure of the body and the mind.


Pleasure Fireplace


Eco-Friendly Fireplace


Vent-Free Fireplace


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Ventless Ethanol Fireplace Insert: Modern Decoration and Luxury

We should understand that a luxury AFIRE fireplace is not only a traditional fire space with an added bio ethanol burner insert, it is really a new decorative fireplace concept. The flames are no longer prisoner of a metal or stone straightjacket, fire is completely freed and floats in the air. The ventless ethanol fireplace insert is conceived completely differently from a traditional hearth. It gives rise to a new generation of objects: table fireplace, television fireplace, furniture fireplace, built-in floor fireplace, etc. Possibilities are limitless…

Because Your Fireplace is Unique!

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