AFIRE – for all the news about wall mounted ethanol fireplace and the latest decorating trends to create stylish fire space. For interior decorators, the modern solution is to install vent-free fireplaces. If you don’t have enough room on the floor, mounting a wall fireplace is the best option. But can you install any system? Of course not! A wall mounted ethanol fireplace must have all the necessary safety and comfort features. The quality of the finish, electronic security, controls and design need to be the elements that will determine your choice.

wall mounted ethanol fireplace
Smart wall fireplace

Wall mounted ethanol fireplace – news about stylish fire spaces

The world of design has lots of new opportunities to create fire spaces. In the city or in urban areas, the new trend is to install a smart ventless fireplace with a remote-controlled ethanol burner. New design shows this well: wall mounted bio ethanol fireplaces are used by all the big interior decorators.
The new trend in home style is to install smart products. The smart wall mounted ethanol fireplace isn’t only connected, but is ecological (using renewable energy), safe and easy to use. Home fireplaces in the city are back!


Ventless wall mounted fireplace


Smart Ethanol Fireplace


Stylish fireplace


Constraints !

Smart Wall mounted fireplace news

The contemporary spirit is to let designers and user have simple and perfectly functional objects. The smart wall mounted fireplace lets you design contemporary ductless fire spaces. The novelty is in the automatic controls and electronic safety features, in addition to a modern design that can adapt to any home style. Traditional fireplaces are over, leaving room for smart ventless fireplaces. The pleasure of fire can be enjoyed without constraints.
Lots of examples of smart wall mounted fireplaces can be found on our Pinterest page.
The world of fire is in full swing. AFIRE’s new fireplaces and burners are at the forefront of technology and design. AFIRE has reinvented fire!

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