Water vapor fireplace insert

Ethanol or 3D water vapor fireplace insert have replaced traditional wood burning fireplaces. AFIRE’s new smart fireplaces, which are more than just a trend, are making their mark in the world of decorative urban fireplaces. Indeed, fire transforms to adapt to the world of modern decoration. Most of all, it is without constraints. In fact, a bio ethanol or water vapor fireplace insert no longer requires a vent to be installed to evacuate the fumes. These modern hearths are also very easy to use: they just need the simple press of a button.


Ventless and constraint-free fireplace


Hearth operating using renewable energy


Automatic and electronic safety


Liability !

Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert: The Magic of a Cozy Flame

The choice of a fireplace insert is often the result of an existing situation. Indeed, if you live in an urban area and have problems getting wood or gas deliveries, an ethanol fireplace is often the best option available. Equipped with electronic safety and automatic ignition, a bioethanol fireplace insert is not a second choice, but rather a high-end product.
As long as you avoid the dangerous low-end devices without any safety features, a smart remote-controlled ethanol burner offers all of the benefits when decorating your home. Any design is possible: whether your apartment is modern or classic, whether your home has large spaces or very small rooms, a ventless fireplace insert will adapt to your decoration.

Ethanol fireplace insert

3D Water Vapor Fireplace Insert: Cold and Perfectly Real Flames

A water vapor fireplace insert is the perfect solution to any safety problem. A smart 3D fireplace produces cold flames that are perfectly real. An ultrasonic generator generates water vapor, and LEDs color this smoke to create a perfect cold and colored flame.
Very few people can tell the difference between a flame created by a traditional hearth and one created by an AFIRE 3D water vapor fireplace insert. That is, unless they run their hands over the cold flames of the 3D fireplace.
A few images of 3D water vapor fireplaces on Pinterest

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