Why purchase a ventless fireplace? In 2015, like many modern appliances, buying a fireplace can be done through three main channels. Ventless fireplaces can be bought on the internet, in a store, or through a professional (designer, architect, decorator, building professional) who will be responsible to install it. With the advent of remote controlled and secure electronic bio ethanol burners, it is even possible to buy an insert and create your own custom design fireplace.


Where to buy a ventless bio ethanol fireplace


Purchase a ventless fireplace on the Internet

The web has become a must for chimney purchases. Shopping online provides access to all sorts of fireplaces and bio ethanol burners of all brands. With secure payment solutions (PayPal with a credit card, bank transfer, etc.) this is attracting an increasing number of consumers. Choices can be made online and the characteristics of different devices compared without having to leave the home. Videos and photographs are also a great help to be able to picture a bio ethanol fireplace once installed.



Purchasing a bio ethanol fireplace in a store with a show-room

This solution provides additional security for people who want to “see” their device in a showroom designed for this purpose. There are still many good professionals who can give advice and usually provide services for installation and maintenance. This is a good solution if a store is nearby. Purchase a ventless fireplace is really easy in this case.


Purchase a ventless fireplace through a building professional

This solution allows the design of your bio fireplace to be customized. Interior decorators and designers, as well as architects and home improvement professionals can create your interior design and build a bio ethanol insert or a fire ribbon. The advantage of this solution lies in the modular design in your home decoration: it is possible to create or renovate a whole room, or just a part of the living space.


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