The AFIRE XXL and XL bio ethanol burner inserts allow for the creation of fireplaces with unusual design. Although decorative bio fire has been progressing since the start of the 21 century, it really began to develop with the marketing of AFIRE’s secure electronic range. Indeed, the design of an XL long ethanol bio burner is only possible through the separation of the reservoir and the combustion block (with the two parts connected through a special bioethanol pump). Equipped with a set of electronic sensors and modern commands for safety, AFIRE’s XXL and XL bio ethanol burner inserts enable the creation of hearths with unusual dimensions in complete peace of mind and simplicity: just press a button. In this way, extraordinary designs are made possible by embedding a remote-controlled insert into a personalized decoration.

XXL and XL Bio ethanol burner

Long Ethanol Burner with Remote Control to Create XL Fire Lines

Current trends favor fire lines that are more wide than high. AFIRE’s remote controlled XXL and XL bio ethanol burner exists in many sizes. Indeed, it can be found in 66 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm and 180 cm. From 200 cm, it is the MODULO XL ethanol burner range that takes over, making it possible to create dimensions for every 25 cm (200 cm, 225 cm, 250 cm, 275 cm, 300 cm, 325 cm, etc.) until more than 15 meters through the use of modules that can be combined with each other.

We should understand that, while the BL range and in particular the BX series are designed for large rooms, the MODULO range is, for its part, reserved for outsized rooms or meeting rooms, reception rooms, hotel lobbies, etc. Of course, all of these devices have active electronic security sensors that automatically stop the large-sized XXL or XL bio ethanol burner insert in case of malfunction.



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Remote Controlled XXL and XL Bio Ethanol Burner Inserts


Home fashion is now ubiquitous. A living space needs to renew itself over the years and according to the desires of its occupants. Decoration is no longer immutable; it lives and changes with styles, trends, as well as with changes in technology and design. Decoration is a part of our modern and urban lifestyle. AFIRE’s large sized XL bio ethanol burner inserts follows this trend. It can be installed in all home or apartment styles and in all interior decorations.

Calling upon a design professional will allow you to visualize your fire in advance with its long ethanol burner in its setting and decorating style. In addition, professionals will guarantee the proper installation of the device. Call upon their skills, then, all you have to do is press the button on the remote control!


Large sized bio ethanol burner insert

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