With AFIRE’s collection of remote controlled XXL bio ethanol burner insert, fire has become smart and has no constraints. Spent the autumn by the fire, even if you live in the city, in an apartment and have no fire duct. AFIRE’s high-tech ethanol burners let you create a fire space in any room, whether you live in the city or in the country. Cold weather is back! The warmth of a real fire creates a magical atmosphere during the months of the year when nightfall comes early.

XXL bio ethanol burner insert

AFIRE’s XXL bio ethanol burner insert: autumn fire in the city

Real flames are no longer just for rural homes. They can accompany you during autumn evenings. Setting up an XXL bio ethanol burner insert with remote control and automatic electronic lighting gives city-dwellers a real fireplace, with real fire without constraints. Coming home after a long day’s work, just click the remote control or use the control from your smartphone to start up a fire. AFIRE fireplaces create no hazards, give off no smoke, soot or odors.

AFIRE’s line of smart ethanol burner inserts

To set up a ventless fireplace in the city, AFIRE’s line of smart ethanol burner inserts is the ideal solution. This range of high-tech fireplace inserts has all the advantages of a modern urban product: automatic controls, electronic safety features, easy installation and simply to use. If you want to spend the autumn by an AFIRE fireplace, contact a building professional. Decorators and interior designer will know how to guide you to install your stylish fireplace with an AFIRE remote-controlled automatic XXL ethanol burner insert.

XXL ethanol burner inserts range


Spend the autumn by the fire with a real city fireplace!


Urban Smart fireplace


High-tech XXL ethanol burner insert


Constraints !

Spend the evening by the fire with your own stylish fireplace

The advantage of an ethanol fireplace is that it can blend into your interior style. Any design is possible. With a remote-controlled XXL bio ethanol burner insert, you can create any style of ductless fireplace. Your imagination is your only limit.
Examples of customized stylish fireplace installations can be found on the AFIRE smart ethanol burners and fireplaces Pinterest page.

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