Fireplaces for designers

Fireplaces for Designers, Interior Decorators and Architects

The fireplaces for designers, interior decorators and architects have been developed to fit harmoniously into any contemporary living space and are perfect for any decorating style. Unlike rustic or traditional wood or gas fireplaces, these fireplaces for designers blend into any decor. They add a touch of luxury and elegance to a house, an apartment or a public space. Electric fireplaces, most particularly water vapor fireplace inserts as well as ethanol fireplaces or burners, are especially well suited to the requirements of interior decorators and architects, in terms of modernity, safety and environmental quality.

Ethanol burner insert for designer fireplace

Fireplaces for Designers, a Focal Point for Any Decor

AFIRE’s fireplaces become an extraordinary focal point in any living space. They will draw attention and create a dramatic visual impact. Many interior architects and designers have recognized the incredible appeal of a fire and regularly use this visual statement in their works.
Fire is truly mesmerizing. It is often recognized as a symbol of passion, life and purification in the luxury modern design industry. But for designers, fire can also bring a static space to life and draw attention to a particular decor. Dancing flames help create a warm and cozy environment, perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Fire is also thought to be a life-giving element because of its symbolic connection with power and energy. It can represent love, passion and creation… Fireplaces for designers are an amazing creative tool.

What has been licked by fire tastes differently in the mouth of men.

Gaston Bachelard – Psychoanalysis of Fire


Eco-friendly fireplaces with renewable energies


Safety at 100%


Fireplaces for designers, decorators and interior designers


Constraints !

Water vapor fireplace for designer
Ethanol fireplace for interior decorator and architect

Fireplaces for Designers, the End of Technical Constraints

For designers, interior decorators and architects, the most restrictive issues with traditional fireplaces are the constraints encountered during their installation. Electric fireplaces, water vapor fireplace inserts, ethanol fireplaces and burners no longer present such challenges. They pave the way to new applications for domestic fire. Here is what has changed:

• They are flueless fireplaces that do not require smoke evacuation, so they can be installed in all urban spaces without major work.
• New designer fireplaces are eco-friendly and do not pollute.
• Security systems are very efficient.
• They can be controlled remotely and are easy to use.
• And, they do not require major maintenance work.

Water vapor fireplace insert for designer, decorator and architect

Water Vapor Fireplace Inserts

Modern, safe, and ecological, the water vapor fireplaces with cold flames are a breakthrough in the world of fireplaces. Safety is paramount for designers. Knowing that there is absolutely no danger to people and property is essential while designing and building a “fire area” (for the visit of compliance authorities as well).
In addition, 3D electric fireplaces are environmentally friendly. They do not use fossil fuels and do not emit greenhouse or harmful gases. These fireplaces simply work with water and very little electricity.
But the most fascinating aspect for a designer is the beauty and the realistic look of their vivid and warm flames. A cold fire is truly incredible! Easy to install and use, steam fireplaces are a major breakthrough in the design industry.
Installing a steam fireplace

Water vapour fireplace insert with red-flames
Water vapor fireplace with natural orange flames
3D electric fireplace running on water with violet flames

Ethanol Fireplaces and Burner Inserts

Bio-ethanol fireplaces and burner inserts with real hot flames also have their fans. People who love the coziness, friendliness and comfort of a fire without the constraints. Just press the button on the remote control for a magic evening by the fire. For interior designers and architects, automatic and remote controlled ethanol burners are the ultimate solution for hot flame fireplaces. The burners are adjustable, easy to install and offer endless decorating opportunities.
Installing an electronic and remote controlled ethanol burner insert

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Fireplaces for Designers, Decorators and Architects