Fireplace for passive house or low-energy consumption building

Fireplace for passive house or low-energy consumption building

What is a fireplace for passive house or low-energy consumption building?

A fireplace for passive house or low-energy consumption building is an eco-friendly fireplace with very low energy consumption. It’s thermally neutral and does not pollute indoor or outdoor air. The water vapor fireplace seems the most compatible with this low-energy consumption house concept. It’s environmentally friendly, does not release harmful gases that could be hazardous for the inhabitants and only uses water as “fuel”. It’s a decorative fireplace with cold flames that uses ambient air without external input, so it has no effect on the thermal balance of the dwelling.

Zero residue fireplace
Water vapor fireplace with low energy consumption

Characteristics of a fireplace for passive house or low-energy consumption building

Although requirements vary, particularly in terms of performance and energy consumption, passive or low-energy consumption houses require a bioclimatic design and perfect sealing. Thermal insulation must be well-designed and very efficient. The objective is to drastically reduce energy consumption.
The AFIRE decorative water vapor fireplace has very low power consumption (less than 40W for a length of 50 cm). This consumption is essentially from LED lamps and has very little effect on the energy balance of the low-energy consumption house. (Other brands use halogen lamps with 8 times higher electricity consumption compared to LEDs).
It is an ecological, cold-flame fireplace that can be used all year round. In addition, there is no indoor pollution, unlike traditional open fireplaces. The water vapor, disinfected with UV-C lamps, (AFIRE patent), is completely pure. Finally, it should be noted that this dry steam fireplace has ultra-fine cold flames that do not condense, so there is no need to worry about excessive humidity.


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Fireplace for passive house or low energy consumption building

A Net Zero fireplace for designers of low-energy smart buildings

Water vapor fireplaces do not emit greenhouse gases. They take part in the transition toward a carbon-neutral world. They are environmentally friendly fireplaces that do not pollute and provide total safety. These water fireplace inserts advantageously replace all traditional gas or wood-burning fireplaces.
Whether for the design of passive houses, or renovation of older buildings to transform them into low-energy buildings, the electric water vapor fireplace is an extraordinary design tool. Architects and interior designers can once again use the domestic fireplace; there is no longer any safety issue, no indoor or outdoor pollution.
On the other hand, the arrival of home automation in private housing, buildings, hotels, the hospitality sector, public places, etc., now makes it possible to more effectively control the energy consumption of buildings. These home automation applications also make it possible to control heating, lights, shutters, cameras, doors, alarms and all connected household devices. AFIRE smart fireplaces are equipped with means of connection and high-tech controls. They can be controlled with a remote control, a Smartphone app, as well as in connection to smart home automation systems.

Water vapor fireplaces for passive houses and low-energy consumption buildings

Water vapor fireplace for passive house or low energy building

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