Ethanol fireplace insert AFIRE

Ethanol Fireplace Insert & Burner with Remote Control – ADD Collection


Remote controlled fireplace burner insert to revive your traditional fireplace

AFIRE’s ADD ethanol fireplace insert & burner with remote control collection was designed to revive traditional wood fireplaces. With a remote control and automatic safety switches, an AFIRE bio ethanol fireplace insert revives the magic of fire in urban interiors.

We often see empty beautiful fireplace mantels in modern living rooms. These fireplaces are an integral part of their decoration and cannot be removed. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to use them with wood. AFIRE offers to equip them with an ADD ethanol fireplace burner insert in order to recreate the unique atmosphere of conviviality and wellness that are created by flames… Just press on the remote and turn on the fire!


Give Life back to Your Fireplace!


Works with Ethanol Renewable Energy


Remote Controlled Ethanol Fireplace Insert


Constraints !

ADD Ethanol burner for existing fireplace: Simplify your life with Green Tech products!

With their modular designs, ADD fireplace burner inserts fit all fireplace styles. No more wood chopping, no more dirt or soot. Coming from Green Tech, bioethanol, as it burns, produces a real fire with clean flames and no smoke. It is a perfectly renewable energy. An ADD AFIRE ethanol fireplace insert can be installed in just a few minutes; simply place it in your home and connect it to an electrical outlet. That’s all!


Ethanol insert and traditional fireplace mantel: An extraordinary design idea!

Why not imagine an intriguingly-designed fireplace installed with an AFIRE remote controlled ethanol fireplace insert and a traditional fireplace mantel? There are beautiful fireplace mantels and facades in all styles and from all eras in marble, natural stone, metal, wood, etc. You can then install your custom design ventless fireplace with this automatic combustion block: the possibilities are endless! Give some life to your living or work spaces with an ADD remote controlled ethanol burner for fireplace! Real flames without the drawbacks of traditional wood fire.

1. ADD Ethanol Burner for Fireplace – Overview

Ethanol burner for fireplace AFIRE
Bio ethanol burner insert for fireplace AFIRE
Ethanol fireplace insert
Fireplace insert AFIRE
Ethanol fireplace burner

2. The Colors

Bio ethanol burner insert for fireplace AFIRE black
Ethanol burner insert for fireplace AFIRE black
Bio ethanol burner insert for fireplace AFIRE white
Ethanol burner insert for fireplace AFIRE white

Black Body – Stainless Steel Burner

Choice of Balls:

Black – Stainless Steel – Gold – White

Black Body – Black Burner

Choice of Balls:

Black – Stainless Steel – Gold – White

White Body – Stainless Steel Burner

Choice of Balls:

Black – Stainless Steel – Gold – White

White Body – Black Burner

Choice of Balls:

Black – Stainless Steel – Gold – White

Ethanol fireplace insert balls

Why not create your own decoration instead of the screwed-on balls? (M6 Diameter)

3. ADD Ethanol Fireplace Insert: Two Sizes Available ADD M (Medium), ADD L (Large)

ADD M ethanol fireplace insert dimensions
ADD L ethanol fireplace insert dimensions

4. Ethanol Burner for Fireplace: Technical Data

Remote control for ethanol fireplace & hearth


Remote control
On/off button
Dry contact for home automation applications and remote control via Smartphone or remote commands

Ignition - Power


Automatic and secured ignition through low-voltage electronic induction electrodes Feed pumps with high-tech membranes developed by the medical field



Electronic sensors that automatically halt the unit in case of malfunction (CO², heat, levels, tank gauge, accelerometer, etc.)



All AFIRE devices comply with the following safety standards:
CE (Europe),
IC (Canada)

Fireplace Installation


Practical and technical issues regarding the installation of an AFIRE burner or ethanol fireplace

Electric power supply





Design fireplace ideas

Tips, tricks, photos and videos

How to build a decorative ventless fireplace