LITE small-sized water vapor fireplace inserts with natural cold flame


Small-sized water vapor inserts that can be installed anywhere

The LITE small-sized water vapor fireplace inserts range offers a unique fire experience that perfectly complements our modern lifestyle. Thanks to its compact size, this small water vapor fireplace adapts perfectly to small areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, shops, and any other confined areas.
LITE, water vapor fireplaces for small rooms are designed to operate with tap water, which is one of their most appealing features. As there is no need to purchase or use fuel, they are economical, eco-friendly, and hassle-free fireplaces. You can enjoy a pleasant fireplace ambiance even in places where a traditional fireplace would be challenging or impossible to install. The LITE steam fireplace inserts AFIRE™ range adds a touch of style and sophistication to all living spaces, including the smallest ones!

Small sized water vapor fireplace
Safe water vapor insert

Let’s imagine a new way of seeing fire! With the revolutionary concept of ORIGINAL small-sized water vapor fireplace, you can now ensure the absolute safety of children and everyone around you. The innovative cold flame electric water vapor fireplaces from AFIRE™ offer versatility in installation in any environment, be it private homes, public spaces, shops, hotels, restaurants, or confined areas. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly fireplace that operates without any fuel and generates no form of pollution, simply by using water and light…

LITE small-sized water vapor fireplace inserts AFIRE™

Advantages of electric water vapor fireplace inserts

Ventless fireplace

Easy installation without the need for ventilation grates.
Eco-friendly fireplace that does not create any water condensation in its surroundings.

Water supply

Tap water supply, no need to purchase fuel
Refilling with built-in pump (no connection to water supply network required)


Cold water vapor flames
No combustion gas
Device operates on 24V (Transformer 100-240V 50-60 Hz)

Standards and Patents

Products compliant with safety standards: CE (Europe), FCC (USA), IC (Canada).

Safe cold flame fireplace

The LITE electric water vapor fireplace embodies the essence of modern fire. With real cold natural flames, any risk of burns and fire is eliminated. The AFIRE™ LITE water vapor fireplace inserts can be confidently installed in apartments, houses, and public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, shops, or relaxation areas. With these fireplaces, all safety aspects are perfectly mastered.

Eco-friendly water vapor fireplace insert with zero pollution

AFIRE water vapor fireplaces operate without generating any harmful combustion gases, setting them apart from other types of wood or gas fireplaces. You can rest assured about your health and the well-being of your loved ones: no carbon monoxide, no polluting gases, no soot. Additionally, the LITE range does not create excessive humidity or unwanted condensation. The water vapor produced is immediately absorbed by the surrounding air. Finally, by simply using tap water, AFIRE™ showcases a smart, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly approach.

Water vapor electric fireplaces with germicidal UVC Lamps

Water Vapor Fireplace Inserts with Germicidal UVC Lamps – Viricidal & Bactericidal

All our water vapor fireplace models are now equipped with UVC Lamps that protect and disinfect our air and water tanks, as well as the water vapor produced (patents pending). Ultraviolet C (UVC) radiation inactivates and kills viruses (coronavirus and others), bacteria, spores, microorganisms, and pathogens while the unit is in use. The UVC Lamps are installed in the air and water tanks and therefore not visible to the naked eye. We can now really talk about a 3D pure water vapor fireplace that gets rid of up to 99.99% of dangerous germs.

UVC lamps viricidal and bactericidal AFIRE

Wikipedia: Sterilization by ultraviolet radiation is a sterilization method that relies on the sensitivity of microorganisms to exposure to short-wavelength ultraviolet light. This method is used in research laboratories to prepare sterile work surfaces, for food preservation, and for air and water purification. UV light has been known for its mutagenic properties since the beginning of the 20th century and Niels Finsen’s Nobel Prize for Medicine.


Compact electric water vapor fireplace for all confined spaces


Fireplace of the ecological transition


100% safety assurance


Constraints !

LITE small water vapor fireplace inserts – Dimensions and Data

Technical specifications

Satin black colored insert (RAL 9005)
Remote control – Button on the device (inside)
Adjustable flame height and speed
Adjustable LED intensity
UVC air and water disinfection
Automatic refilling with integrated pump (no connection to water supply network required)
Manual drainage (no connection to water supply network required)
External dry contact control
Natural orange flames

Very easy to install, these small water vapor inserts do not require ventilation grilles in the installation. Additionally, an LITE small-sized water vapor fireplace insert does not create any humidity or condensation in its surroundings. The ultra-fine water vapor is immediately absorbed by the ambient air, and there are no water droplets on the walls.



LITE AWAL 16-42 | 16 in 42 cm
Water vapor insert – Dimensions

Satin black colored insert (RAL 9005)

Width: 41.1 cm (16.18 inches)
Depth: 26.7 cm (10.51 inches)
Height: 22.8 cm (8,98 inches)
Reservoir capacity: 1.6 L (0.42 gallons)
Runtime after filling the reservoir: 16-18 hours
Power consumption: 35 W
Weight: 7.5 kg (16.5 pounds)

LITE 16-42 water vapor insert dimensions
LITE 16-42 steam fireplace insert installation

A clear, detailed offer provided within 24 hours

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