Ventless Fireplace, Vent-Free Hearth & Fireplace Insert


Quickly and simply install your gas-free and wood-free ventless fireplace


Why a vent-free fireplace? Fire has always fascinated our imagination; humanity and fire have co-existed since time immemorial. Nowadays, in an increasingly urban environment, the use of fireplaces has become complicated, with significant limitations and in particular the installation of a flue to evacuate the fumes.

AFIRE invites you to bring this pleasure of flames back to life by creating your wood-free and gas-free ventless fireplace using clean and renewable energy. An “urbanised” fire, easy to install and to use, a ventless hearth design created according to your taste and suitable for daily use. As such, fire becomes modern and without constraint; it is more flexible and can be adapted more easily to your furnishing preferences. Even better, it actually becomes an element of decoration.





Ventless fireplace or burner insert, create YOUR own vent free fireplace design



Ease of Installation


Bio & High Tech


Design and Security


Constraints !

1. A constraint-free ventless fireplace

The greatest problem for the installation of a hearth is building an exhaust duct for the smoke. The huge benefit with a bioethanol insert or a 3D water vapor fireplace is that you don’t need a flue. All that’s required is to create the surround of the fire and to embedd an insert in this setting. Revive your interior spaces in an instance.


2. A biofire space that can be used every day

Those with a wood burning hearth know only too well: a real biofire is an amazing thing but it is also very restrictive. There is a certain amount of work involved to organise the wood, then there’s the odour, soot, smoke, etc. With the arrival of the vent-free fireplace, these constraints no longer exist. Admire the beauty of flames every day simply by pressing a remote control button.


3. A hearth which uses an eco-friendly renewable energy

“Alcohol biofires” or ventless fireplace are referred to as such precisely because they use renewable energy or water. With the arrival of the third generation of alcohol made with wood and organic waste, it is now possible to talk about an eco-friendly device running on Eco-friendly fuel. An ecological product that respects sustainable development.


4. Remote controlled inserts with electronic ignition

AFIRE manufactures electronic ventless fireplaces which are no longer messy tins filled with alcohol but remote controlled modern inserts fitted with automatic ignition and safety sensors. A line of devices representing considerable progress in this area. A ventless fireplace that is not only comfortable to use but also 100% safe with the water vapor electric fireplace inserts.


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